Galactic Civilizations III : l’extension Crusade est disponible

En bref. Stardock diffuse un trailer pour accompagner le lancement hier de Crusade, seconde importante extension pour Galactic Civilizations III qui fait suite à pas moins de huit DLC et vient donc encore améliorer ou ajouter plusieurs mécanismes à ce fameux 4X, pêle-mêle : invasions, espionnage, plus de diversité dans les citoyens, nouvelles races et civilisations, économie et diplomatie améliorées, ou encore un outil pour créer entièrement vos propres civilisations.

Pour plus d’informations sur Galactic Civilizations III : Crusade, voyez le site officiel ou cette fiche sur Steam. Concernant le jeu de base, voyez notre test ainsi que cette page sur Steam.

A voir aussi éventuellement le tableau dans le forum officiel, tableau récapitulant l’évolution des fonctionnalités du jeu depuis la toute première version parue en 1993.


Stardock Releases Massive Crusade Expansion for the Critically Acclaimed Galactic Civilizations III

Plymouth, MI. May 4, 2017 – Today, Stardock released Crusade, the long awaited expansion to its popular space 4X strategy game Galactic Civilizations III. Featuring a brand new “Civilization Builder” on Steam workshop, a new Galactic Citizens mechanic, interactive invasions, espionage, and much more, Crusade is a robust addition to the base game that brings a host of changes and updates.

The expansion adds many other anticipated features, such as new playable civilizations, custom fleets, an improved diplomacy system, and an updated graphics engine.

“Crusade is huge,” said Stardock CEO Brad Wardell. “We’ve increased the game’s depth so that it’s morphed into something really cool. We’ve changed more than just the game mechanics, too – our new civilization builder on Steam Workshop is going to let modders go crazy. It’s more than just creating a faction now – you can customize absolutely everything about your civilization, right down to diplomacy dialogue and ship fleets.”

Some of the feature highlights of Crusade include:

  • Civilization Builder: Create a faction with a custom leader, ideology, and abilities. Customize your civilization’s galactic fleet and define custom conversation dialog for your friends and enemies.
  • Galactic Citizens: Citizens are created every ten turns and can choose numerous specializations to help boost their civilization globally or to enhance a specific planet. The unique promotions system will allow players to “spend” a citizen to make them into something like a saboteur or a martyr in order to gain large bonuses.
  • Invasions: Conquering an entire planet is no small feat. Now, players will send their legions to battle it out across the planet’s surface. Invaders choose where they will land and defenders will choose where they will resist, both decisions requiring considerable strategic thinking.
  • Espionage: Citizens trained as spies can now be used to to take down adversaries from behind the scenes. Players can use spies to destroy planetary improvements, steal technology or assassinate enemy agents.
  • New Civilizations: The Terran Resistance, Onyx Hive, and the Slyne appear as new playable factions in Crusade. Existing civilizations have also received an overhaul to make each one more unique.
  • Missions: Subsidize ventures to the depths of the galaxy to search for resources, abandoned ships, or ancient technologies.
  • Ship Designer: This feature is now easily accessible from the main menu and allows users to choose from hundreds of ship parts to build an entirely custom ship. Easily browse available parts, create your ship, and upload it to the Steam Workshop to share with the world. Animated, organic ships are possible with the Ship Designer, too.
  • Updated Economy, Diplomacy, and Alliance Systems: Provides more depth to gameplay and weighs choices more heavily than before. Adjusted economy, diplomacy, and alliance systems add depth, variety, and weight to players’ choices. Violating an alliance now causes other civilizations to react negatively, which could have huge consequences on diplomatic relations. The new economic system encourages more frequent trading and provides bonuses and penalties based on your approval ratings, what you’ve researched, and more.

“I want choices to really matter in Crusade,” said Wardell. “All of the overhauls are meant to make you stop and think about what path you’re going to take, what techs you’ll research, et cetera, because once you’ve started, it’s going to be difficult to backtrack.”

The UI and Tech Trees also received an overhaul for Crusade. The UI has a new layout and style to improve aesthetics and usability while also making it more intuitive for users. The enhanced Tech Trees now make it easier for modders to customize the game. Modders can now also create custom starbases in the Ship Designer and include them as part of a civilization.

Crusade also addresses the late game “grind” that most 4X style games experience. The ability to reuse transports carrying legions for invasions ensures that players won’t have to wait for their forces to rebuild before swooping in and taking out their next enemy.

“The promotions system for citizens is where most people will see the biggest change in game pace,” said Wardell. “By the late game, players should have quite a few citizens. If you have the right resources, you can promote citizens into a different position, like a privateer, or trigger an event, like ‘crunch time’ for engineers, which instantly finishes a ship. This retires the citizen, but also makes them incredibly powerful.”

Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade retails for $19.99 and requires the base game to play. To learn more about what’s new in Crusade, please visit .

Galactic Civilizations III is currently available on Steam, at Stardock, or on GOG. For more information about Galactic Civilizations III, please visit .

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