Great Battles of the American Civil War ressort sur Steam

En bref. Déjà sorti mi 2017 pour iOS, voici que cette adaptation des wargames classiques du même nom arrive en cette fin de semaine sur Mac et PC. Au programme dix scénarios, trois niveaux de difficulté et un gameplay relativement simple mais relativement fidèle historiquement.

Pour plus d’informations sur Great Battles of the American Civil War, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam. Ou encore celle-là dans l’App Store.


Great Battles of the American Civil War out now for PC and Mac on Steam.
10% discount for the first week of release.

Great Battles of the American Civil War is based on the ‘Great Battles of the American Civil War’ board games, which started with the classic game ‘Terrible Swift Sword’. This game recreates the significant battles of the American Civil War. Each scenario in this game is a grand tactical, regimental-level simulation of a single battle, enabling players to test their generalship under the same challenges faced by the Union and Confederate commanders.

Key Features:

– Historically accurate game play.
– Accurate Civil War units.
– Play as either the Union or Confederate side.
– 10 scenarios.
– 3 levels of difficulty.
– Five categories of unit quality.
– Different types of formations.
– Detailed combat analysis.
– In-depth reference charts.
– Advanced tactical features including:
– Map zoom.
– Strategic movement.
– Flank attacks.
– Low ammo.
– Unit disruption.


– Wilson’s Creek
– Pea Ridge
– Kernstown ‘Historical’ Scenario
– Kernstown ‘Breakthrough’ Scenario
– Shiloh
– Shiloh ‘Confederate Attack’ Scenario
– Shiloh ”The First Day’ Scenario’ Scenario
– Cedar Mountain ‘Control’ Scenario
– Cedar Mountain ‘Offensive’ Scenario
– Pleasant Hill
– Monocacy Junction ‘Delayed Arrival’ Scenario
– Monocacy Junction ‘Prompt Arrival’ Scenario

Other News from HexWar

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