Strategic Mind – The Pacific : fin de la bêta

Après six mois en phase d’essai, le jour est arrivé pour que prenne son envol hier ce wargame faisant suite à Panzer Strategy (voir cet article) mais déclinant sa formule à l’échelle aéronavale du Pacifique. Jeu offrant a priori de nombreuses options pour simuler ce vaste conflit, tant dans la composition de ses forces que dans la résolution des batailles. Ce que ne montre pas vraiment cette nouvelle bande-annonce cinématique résumant l’ambiance, mais que vous pouvez mieux voir dans cette précédente vidéo ci-dessous.

Pour plus d’informations sur Strategic Mind – The Pacific, voyez cette page sur Steam.



The Full release date has arrived!

Strategic Mind: The Pacific has just been released. So, do not hesitate and go try it out yourself!

When the Early Access was launched on 30 April we promised you to deliver the full game within 6 months’ time. So, here it comes!
It was a long and laborious journey for our development team, but exciting at the same time. We did do the best we could and sincerely hope that you will enjoy our game. However, it is not the end of this journey. We will keep improving the game, and hope that it will become even better with time.

We would like to thank our community of Early Access players who help us a great deal to deliver you the better game, and without whose constructive criticism and smart suggestions that game would have definitely been at a disadvantage. We fixed the problems you located and added features you suggested, and we will keep doing so after the release when a broader audience shall join our great community. We firmly believe that when our team and the players’ community put their creative power together – there are no impossible tasks.

We also would like to thank all the media and content creators on various platforms who make it possible for people all around the world to get acquainted with the game and decide for themselves whether they would like to play it.

There is much we could tell you right now, but we do not want to distract you from the just-released game. So, stay tuned for future news updates.

Good luck, Admirals!

Starni games development team

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  1. ca promet ; invasion des philippines 41 (je joue IJN) on trouve un drapeau allemand pres d’une ville ricaine (oui il y en avait bien un sur le char à la fin dans platoon mais quand meme).

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