Hellas & Elysium, prochain DLC pour Terraforming Mars

En bref. Voilà un bon point supplémentaire pour les amateurs de ce jeu et particulièrement de son adaptation sur nos écrans. En effet une seconde extension vient d’être dévoilée, qui va schématiquement permettre d’explorer et d’exploiter l’hémisphère sud et l’autre face de Mars. Autrement dit qui va étendre les possibilités de jeu via deux nouvelles cartes avec des contraintes particulières.

Pour plus d’informations sur Terraforming Mars – Hellas & Elysium, dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue mais pour lequel une phase bêta semble accessible, voyez cette page sur Steam.

Concernant la version PC de Terraforming Mars, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site officiel. Ainsi que notre article Terraforming Mars : planète à vendre, rénovations nécessaires. Concernant le jeu de plateau, voyez notre article Terraforming Mars : totale réussite ludique !


Terraforming Mars - Elysium
Terraforming Mars - Hellas

Terraforming Mars


Hellas & Elysium DLC – Coming soon
Explore the other side of Mars and elaborate new strategies to colonise the Red Planet!

The Hellas & Elysium DLC
features two additional maps for you to venture in unexplored land and claim it as your own! Each map has their own properties, encouraging the colonists to consider vastly different approaches. With a new array of options to win, the DLC is certain to add even more variety to your games.

Before you go any further please make sure to go through your space suit check list. And if you take a ride out in the rovers, please ensure your seat belt is securely fastened. Ready?

Hellas, The Southern wild
The first site, Hellas, brings you to the Southern Hemisphere and the South Pole, certainly the coldest location on Mars. The plant bonuses are located to the North, along the equator. The sea of Hellas is right below. You can also play around the two new placement bonuses on the map. The first yields heat while the other grants an ocean tile in exchange for 6 Megacredits. But the biggest point of interest of the map is, of course, the South Pole itself, which you will definitely want to claim to secure your victory!

Elysium, the other side of Mars
And if you want to venture deeper into the unknown, step foot where no man has ever been, try Elysium, the other face of Mars, for a different kind of challenge. The site is dominated by the Olympus Mons, the largest, highest mountain and volcano in the entire Solar System. Of course, being the first player to claim this coveted area should be of great importance in your endeavour to secure victory!

Awards and Milestones
But that is not all. The Awards and Milestones present in Terraforming Mars also change depending on the map you’re playing. From the Space Baron award and Polar Explorer milestone of Hellas to the unique Estate dealer tile objective of Elysium, you will have to be prepared for new strategic opportunities.

Participate in the Beta!
If you want to be the first to explore the new land, a Beta is available. You can find it on our Discord Channel, along with a growing community of fans.

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As usual we would like to seize the opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support and feedback over the last months, Terraformers. We hope you will enjoy the DLC and we are looking forward to seeing you thrive on Mars.


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