Humankind : pirates et DLC Cultures of Oceania en vue

Après être sorti sur consoles à la fin du mois dernier, non sans a priori quelques difficultés techniques ayant occasionné un retard certain, voici que le joli 4X d’Amplitude Studios va prochainement continuer de s’étoffer. Avec cette fois un add-on sur le thème de l’Océanie, extension qui proposera six cultures et merveilles supplémentaires, sept peuplades, et différents évènements narratifs. Voilà qui offrira de quoi explorer ludiquement ce thème peu fréquent dans les jeux.

Humankind - The Caribbean PiratesSachez également que le jeu a fêté ses deux ans le mois dernier (voyez la vidéo ci-dessous) et qu’une mise à jour arrivera en parallèle du nouveau DLC, ce patch ajoutera une nouvelle culture gratuite, les militaristes Pirates des Caraïbes, et améliorera ou rééquilibrera divers aspects du jeu (voir le résumé ci-après).

Pour plus d’informations sur Humankind – Cultures of Oceania Pack, qui accostera sur nos écrans le 11 septembre prochain, voyez cette page sur Steam.

En ce qui concerne Humankind, voyez cette page sur Steam ou le site officiel. A lire également notre article Les combats dans Humankindpremière partie et seconde partie.



Cultures of Oceania DLC and Bonny Update Beta

The new HUMANKIND™ Update arrives soon and brings with it new opportunities to rule the waves, get rich trading (or stealing), and meet new cultures. With big changes to naval combat and trade, the Caribbean Pirates, and a DLC with six new cultures from in and around the Pacific, there’s a lot to discover, so let’s dive right in!

Cultures of Oceania DLC

It’s time to expand your selection of cultures and wonders in Humankind once more, with the new Cultures of Oceania DLC. This DLC includes:

Six new Cultures (Pama-Nyungan, Polynesians, Rapa Nui, Maori, Hawaiians, and New Zealanders)
6 new Wonders (Aitutaki Lagoon, Bungle Bungle Range, Uluru, Whakaari Volcano, Royal Palace of Pape’ete, Mauna Kea Observatory)
15 new narrative events

The Cultures of Oceania DLC will be available on Steam on September 11th, and you can pre-order it now with a 10% discount.

The Caribbean Pirates

There’s a seventh culture to join the game on the 11th for free for all players, thanks to the diligent efforts ruthless plundering during the anniversary community challenge: The Caribbean Pirates.

The first culture in the game to forego their Emblematic Quarter for a second Emblematic Unit, they can use their agile Sloops to raid unprotected sea trade nodes yet put up a fight if they get caught, and their Buccaneers’ accurate fire to deprive enemies of their defensive positions. Not to mention that their ill-gotten gains from Poaching will have additional benefits for their economy.

The Bonny Update

While the Caribbean Pirates are a fun addition to the game, the core of the update are the changes to naval combat, resources, and trade. Let’s take a look at what that entails:

Rebalanced ships: Most ships in the mid to late game will now be faster or stronger but also more expensive
Rebalanced Air Units and Missiles: To keep pace with the increased bombardment and anti-air power of naval units, Air Units and Missiles have been buffed
New Ship Classes: Early Modern and later ships are now classed as Capital Ships, Escort Ships, or Torpedo Vessels, each with their own abilities
Three new generic Ship Types: Diesel Submarines, Destroyers, and Frigates
Naval ranged retaliation: Naval units will now return fire against other naval units attacking them
Enlarged naval battlefields: To account for increased speeds and ranges, naval battle areas are now larger but do not feature a flag for the defender (This does not affect land battles.)
Enlarged deployment zones: Deployment zones now extend to the edges of the battlefield (This does affect land battles.)
Retreats: Starting in the second round of a naval battle, the losing side may declare a retreat and withdraw their units to the edge of the battlefield to escape at the end of the turn
Expanded Resources: Resource deposits can now provide more than one copy per deposit, which may be further increased by some infrastructures
Reworked resource requirements: Units and infrastructures can now be built when not meeting all resource requirements, at increased cost, as long as at least one copy of each resource is available
Domestic Trade Routes: Strategic and Luxury Resources are now transported to your capital by internal trade routes; these do not cost upkeep or generate income, but can be disrupted
Reworked international trade: All trade between empires now flows between their capitals to create readable, high-value trade routes
New Trade Screen: This screen can be used to buy resources or view the global trade network
Poaching: Armies can now steal Luxury and Strategic Resources while standing on a trade node

If you want to learn about these changes in detail, you can find more information in the posts about naval combat, resources, and trade.

Bonny Beta Playable Now

We’ve got one final surprise for you: The Bonny Update (including the Caribbean Pirates) is available as an opt-in beta for PCs on Steam right now! Just go to the properties window of the game and select the Update_preview beta on the Betas tab.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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