Kursk, future extension pour Tigers on the Hunt

En bref. Slitherine vient d’annoncer il y a quelques jours un futur DLC qui ajoutera trois campagnes à Tigers on the Hunt, campagnes sur le thème des principales opérations ayant eu lieu en 1943 durant l’opération Citadel. Seul bémol à cette intéressante annonce, il n’y a toutefois pas encore de captures d’écrans pour illustrer ces scénarios.

Tigers on the Hunt avait reçu un accueil très froid à sa sortie (voir cet article), du fait des trop nombreuses imperfections du moteur de jeu. Ce qui pour un jeu très inspiré du rigoureux et précis ASL a inévitablement déçu les connaisseurs. Heureusement le petit studio Silicon Systems n’a pas laissé tomber le projet, le jeu ayant en effet reçu en décembre dernier une seconde importante mise à jour, estampillée 1.0.51 (voir changelog ci-dessous). Avec un peu de chance ce wargame au fort potentiel, tout au moins pour combler la relative absence d’ASL sur PC, redémarrera cette année sur de meilleures bases. Espérons-le.

Pour plus d’informations sur Tigers on the Hunt: Kursk, dont on ne connait pas la date de sortie, voyez cette page chez Slitherine.


Tigers on the Hunt first DLC announced! Welcome to Kursk!

On July 1943, the German war machine had the chance to deal a mortal blow to the Red Army. After the defeat at Stalingrad, it was necessary to regain the initiative and secure the Eastern front. For this purpose, the German High Command massed a huge quantity of Panthers and Tigers tanks in proximity of the Kursk salient, hoping to destroy the bulk of the Russian forces in this area.

But the Soviets, knowing in advance the Hitler’s plan, created over 190 miles of depth defense to stop the Panzerwaffe and they moved their armored forces in reserve for the counter-attack.

The largest tank battle of the entire Second World War was about to commence…

Tigers on the Hunt: Kursk is a DLC containing three Campaign Game Scenarios for Tigers on the Hunt, focused on the key operations during Operation Citadel. This nice addition features a different type of gameplay from the original base game, giving the players a more challenging experience!

A Campaign Game Scenario is a much larger scenario with a lot of units on a large map. The battle lasts generally over several days and nights before the Campaign Game winner is called. To do this the Game Turns are divided into portions for Day (8 Game Turns) and Night (4 Game Turns). See more information on how it works on the official product page here.

Following the steps of the base game, Tigers on the Hunt: Kursk will make you toiling for every inch conquered, fighting against an unforgiving AI!

Tigers on the Hunt: Kursk will be available soon! Check its official product page for further information.

Changelog v1.0.51

Bug fixes:
• Russian SU 122 now has HEAT rounds (ISU 122 now does not have HEAT rounds)
• Fixed 1024×768 resolution issue for Log Window being too big as well as the Pop up window was not positioned properly
• When firing with an Ordnance/AFV vs target hex that only has AFV, the Infantry Target Type button will be disabled on the Target Type Dialog
• An AFV was sometimes stuck in a Close Combat/Melee even after Close Combat Segment was over
• Broken+ personnel unit in a Brush Hill hex is cannot be interdicted since Brush is not a clear terrain
• Broken+ personnel unit in a Woods Hill hex is cannot be interdicted as Woods is not a clear terrain
• AI, personnel unit firing with Flame Thrower will not now crash the game
• Un-possessed support weapons/Ordnance do not impact Fog of War, this is big impact to FOW and LOS processing
• Scenarios using Two OBAs will now get associated with Radios support weapon properly
• Selecting Bogged/Mired AFV on a map will not display Start Forward/back and Stop buttons
• AI, Bogged/Mired non-turreted AFV will not try to fire outside of its cowered arc
• When AI places units designed by “Die <= CT”; the placement die rolls will not be displayed in the Log Window
• AI, both Personnel units and AFVs will be now move more aggressively when AI is on attack

• AI, improved AFV pathfinding logic
• AI, both Personnel units and AFVs were sometimes not able to exit a map through Exit Hexes
• AI, a leader can now use Demolition Charge support weapon properly
• AI, a leader can now use Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck and Bazooka LATW support weapons properly
• AI, a broken+ leader sometimes did not rout away
• Fog of War and Line of sight algorithms were updated to better detect blind hexes
• AI now better differentiates between tanks, TD/Assault guns, Mobile Artilleries, Armoured Cars and Half-tracks
• Panzerfaust is now only available from October 1943 and not before
• AI, severely reduced AFV driving back and forth around a VPO
• AI, severely reduced AFV starting and stopping (and not moving) in the same hex
• Scenario Editor, addresses the issue were a unit could not be given an ATTACK Special Command when AI was in Hold Attitude
• For each new day in a campaign, Special ammunition for Ordnance and AFVs will be reset
• Display Fire Range Tool is only enabled for player controlled units and not AI
• Display Rout Tool is only enabled for player controlled units and not AI
• Manual minor updates

New Feature:
• Added APPENDIX C: Terrain Effect Chart dialog into the game/scenario editor under the Help

Changelog v1.0.2.7

Bug fixes:
• Resolutions 1200 x 800 and 2560 x 1440 should be now properly working (this was part of Zero Day Patch)
• AI, Immobilized turret-less AFV will not try to look for target outside of its covered arc
• or engage enemy outside of its covered arc
• AI, some half-tracks would not have defensive fire marker when they defensively fired
• AI, sometimes AFVs had hard time taking objectives up hill
• Improved AI AFV pathfinding (this was part of Zero Day Patch)
• Improved LOS processing, fixed blind hexes and other issues
• Pinned units cannot rout in Rout Segment
• Broken/Broken+ units cannot move in Advance Segment
• Selecting Ordnance that is not attached to a personnel unit should not crash the game
• The following British AFVs don’t fire AP, only HEAT: CHURCHILL V Heavy Tank,
• Medium Tank and CROMWELL VIII Medium Tank.
• AI, Only Leaders may pick up Radio Support Weapon
• For resolutions 1024×768 and 1200×800, the action log window was resized
• AI being stuck in infinite loop
• When Ordnance/AFV runs out of HE round, the Infantry Target Type button on the
• Target Type dialog will be disabled
• Terrain.png, one of the stone buildings had incorrect mask
• AFV being stuck in Close Combat
• Pinned Personnel Unit can still fire ATR support weapon
• Terrain.png, Assault Fire should be associated with 1st Line SMG (and not 1st Line) for
• the Russian Side
• A Leader may fire Bazooka, Pazerschreck, Panzerfaust and PIAT
• Updated manual, 8.2.2 Support Weapons list – what support weapon may be used by A Leader
• KV-2 rotating turret issue
• When OBA fires off the screen, the game should now scroll to the location
• When an AI unit routs and becomes visible, the game should now scroll to the location
• A Leader may fire a support weapon or direct fire but not both
• AI/Player Personnel Units that are Out of Command may still fire into adjacent hex during enemy Movement Segment.
• AI, if a scenario has both Human player and AI Exit hexes feature, AI will focus on its own exit hexes first.
• Campaign Game, during the day part or the night part the scenario Attributes dialog will correctly show day or night icon.
• Setup Zone Hexes will not properly show covered arc symbol.
• AI, improved personnel units movement in attack scenarios.
• Scenario Editor tiles placement and validations
Note: This is not a complete list, just the major items.

New Features:
• Added keyboard shortcuts
• Added Menu accelerators
• Added support to disable all sound effects (speeds up gameplay)
• Added transferring Support Weapons/Ordnance between two personnel units in the same hex, in the Administrative Segment only (activated by the < w > key on the keyboard)
• A scenario LOS visibility can be now set up to 26 hexes in the scenario editor
• Added white dot graphical feature for display (can be turned on/off)
• Campaign Game, for every new day; all personnel units, AFV will be in good order. All Support Weapons, Ordnance and AFVs will have their weapons repaired. Immobilized AFVs will check for Immobilization Removal.
• Scenario configuration dialog, made “scenario ends because a side lost all of its units” feature optional
• Jump Map will now be displayed until dismissed by right clicking anywhere inside the Jump Map window


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