MarZ – Tactical Base Defense : trailer

Voilà un nouveau jeu hybride qui devrait ravir les amateurs de colonisation martienne et de… zombies. Oui, de mort-vivants qui ont pris pied sur Mars et entendent bien ne pas laisser les vivants s’y installer. Au-delà du thème qui peut surprendre, les aliens sont toujours moins à la mode actuellement et les vampires vont rarement dans l’espace, contrairement aux orks d’ailleurs, c’est étrange, voici un jeu sur le principe du genre Tower Defense qui semble en fait offrir de nombreuses variations, des graphismes plutôt soignés, et probablement de quoi s’amuser pendant un moment tout en devant quand même réfléchir plus qu’un minimum.

En effet en plus de batailler il faudra bien gérer ses constructions et les ressources limitées à disposition. Et en outre aussi percer un mystère car, vous vous en doutez, les zombies sur Mars n’y sont pas arrivés par hasard. Cerise sur le zombie, le jeu offre aussi un éditeur de cartes au moins visuellement assez abouti, de ce que l’on en aperçoit. Prochaine étape ? Peut-être des zombies sur la Lune, après tout qui sait ce qu’il se passe vraiment sur sa face cachée…

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The time has come!

MarZ: Tactical Base Defense is out now. \o/

First of all, we just want to say a huge thank you to all of you who accompanied and supported us during the Early Access phase. Your feedback helped a lot in making MarZ what it is today!
After 18 months of Early Access, and following 4 years of development, we are overwhelmingly happy to announce that 1.0 now includes:

20 MISSION STORY CAMPAIGN with two endings

Hold off the zombie hordes and discover the terrible secrets of the red planet across a fully-fledged story campaign with alternate endings.
Collect achievements and unlock perks to modify your missions. Play in three different difficulty levels with completely reworked new balancing, and complete your progress on your profile.


Create customised procedurally-generated skirmishes as you battle back wave after wave of enemies, with new balance, custom options and improved UI/UX. Play easy going missions or generate battles in which your tactics will be pushed to the limit.


A new intense game mode within Skirmish that brings you one immense zombie horde instead of multiple waves. Build barricades to stop them and construct a sophisticated base to fend them off.


Use powerful terraforming tools to sculpt custom maps and design tricky enemy paths. Play your creations in Skirmish and share them on Steam Workshop.

We also made a short time lapse to show you how to build your own levels:


Enabling Twitch mode lets viewers sabotage or aid their favourite streamers in-game.

Since the last update we included lots of great new features and reworked all of the balancing. These are the main big changes:


The tech tree can now be explored in any order, which makes it easier to follow certain tactics.
In addition we’ve increased the technology options by adding the uplink: A new research building which unlocks unique new upgrades for all towers including repair drones, mines, tesla towers that can teleport zombies, mortars, prism lasers, and more.


To make space for the many new weapons energy hubs can now be upgraded. This might be a real game changer for many of you. We, at least, love this new feature!


In order to better assess the lurking danger, we have improved the enemy indicators and paths will now show the wave strength.

We completely reworked the balancing. All three difficulty modes have been improved and updated in line with your feedback. Towers got stronger and zombie hordes got bigger, for the second time. Of course, with all the new features, your tactical options have been greatly expanded and we’re confident that you can handle it.;)
Those who find MarZ too hard will be happy to hear that “Challenge” mode got a bit easier, but those of you who are looking for the real challenge can still find it in “Nerves of Steel”

MarZ is now available in nine languages (English, English (US), German, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Polish)


For all those who are still not sure, after all the great news, if our game meets your gaming preferences:
There is also a free demo on the Steam page if you want to give it a try.

As you can see, we’ve been a bit busy lately. Thank you so much for waiting patiently for all the new features! We are proud and very happy about MarZ 1.0 and we hope that we have created that game you can fall into, and forget about the world around!
Have fun playing and beat those Zombies!

Over and out!
Love & hugs from Vienna
Miriam & Marc