Armored Brigade – Nation Pack Italy – Yugoslavia : screenshots

Slitherine vient de dévoiler une première extension pour son récent simulateur de batailles prenant pour cadre la Guerre froide. Jeu qui a donc eu le succès qu’il mérite et qui va prochainement s’ouvrir à un nouveau hypothétique front où les forces soviétiques auraient pu attaquer l’OTAN. Au programme, deux nouvelles factions, plus de 250 unités supplémentaires et une nouvelle carte modélisant en détail la région frontalière de Gorizia.

A noter aussi que le jeu va bientôt bénéficier gratuitement d’un générateur de campagnes, ce qui devrait lui ajouter encore plus de profondeur.

Pour plus d’informations sur Armored Brigade – Nation Pack : Italy – Yugoslavia, dont la sortie devrait avoir lieu très prochainement, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur.

Concernant Armored Brigade, voyez par exemple les deux vidéos suivantes, ou ce trailer si vous l’aviez manqué, puis cette fiche chez l’éditeur. A lire également la traduction de cet interview sur le jeu. Ainsi que notre test.



Armored Brigade first Nation Pack is announced! With a free surprise!

The Cold War is cold no more. NATO countries are facing their Warsaw Pact counterparts right in the middle of Europe, furiously fighting to control the Fulda-Gap and close key-locations.

But Germany is not the only European Front where the Soviet High Command is looking to overcome the West resistance.

On the south, a century-old hot border is ready to erupt into fire. Yugoslavia, although not a “Soviet” state, is willing to take advantage of the chaos in which the totality of Western Nations has been embroiled. Their eyes run along the Italian border and the important port of Trieste, the acquisition of which could be of immense value for its economy. The JNA (Yugoslav People’s Army) is equipped with hardware of high efficiency and it is not afraid to use it on its old enemy.

Italy, even if marked by endemic inner political weaknesses, is not blind to the Yugoslavian claims and maneuvers. Its Army is not the inefficient and burdened system that collapsed in WWII. Being a member of NATO and of the EEC has brought enormous economic advantages and its Army has benefitted from decades of renovation and training in Europe and in military operations abroad.

Will the plains of Italy be the next battleground in the war that could end everything?

Veitikka Studios, developers of the praised wargame Armored Brigade, is proud to announce their first DLC, bringing Italy and Yugoslavia into the war!

The DLC comes with two new factions, 250 new units, and a colossal and ultra-detailed new map, the Gorizia Border!

Check the Product Page here for more details!

But news is not over. Since its release in November, Armored Brigade gathered enormous attention from the players’ community due to its flexibility, wide range of units and factions combined with a seldom-seen realism. However, its heavily skirmish oriented mode had put many people on the fence, wondering if any new game mode would be added in the future. The day has come, as together with the Nation Pack DLC developers will release an update featuring, among many other goodies, a Campaign Generator tool! And it will come for free!

We will release more information on the update (and the DLC, of course) further along the road, but for the moment suffice to say that it will allow to carry over your units from battle to battle following different geographic locations depending on your victory outcomes!

Stay tuned for further updates!


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