Panzer Campaigns : mises à jour pour Kharkov ’42, Korsun ’44 et Kursk ’43

En bref. Après être passés en version Gold ces dernières années, voici cette semaine que trois autres jeux de la série Panzer Campaigns bénéficient d’une nouvelle mise à jour utile, à savoir en plus de différentes corrections de bugs, la refonte graphique introduite dans le récent Scheldt ’44 (voir cette brève). Par exemple la capture d’écran ici en en-tête montre de nouveaux graphismes / icônes plus soignés pour représenter les unités.

Vous pouvez télécharger gratuitement ces patchs depuis cette page chez JTS. Pour plus d’informations sur Panzer Campaigns – Kharkov ’42, cette page chez l’éditeur. Concernant Korsun ’44, voyez celle-ci. Et pour Kursk ’43, voyez par là.

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Today we have released three updates for the Panzer Campaigns series of games. These updates bring in the new high-res graphics introduced in Scheldt ’44. You can grab them all off the updates page. The three titles are:

Kharkov ’42 — Korsun ’44 — Kursk ’43

* Note: The versions in the Store are updated as well, so if you make a new purchase you will get the most up-to-date version. Website screen shot’s have not been updated as of yet…


Let me start with our current patching cycle. With the release of Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 we have started the process of updating the Panzer Campaigns and Modern Campaigns titles with various new features including high-resolution graphics. We are including the original Gold graphics so that players can choose which they would prefer. We are also planning to include a couple of new campaign scenarios in a few titles from Cesar ‘Indragnir’ Moreno. Cesar has been continually active in creating several large-scale scenarios and has provided new work or revised his previous releases with new features such as limited time objectives. Limited time objectives for example work particularly well in a game like Kharkov ’43 where there needs to be an ebb and flow in attacking and defending.

Other new features such as improvements to recon spotting as well as tweaking the irregular troops, deception units, and patrolling will be included. The latter will allow a better simulation of resistance and partisan activities as well as the applicable counter operations. Some of the new features will not be applicable to previously released titles but will be available to budding modders like Cesar to include in any of their work. A few other minor graphics improvements will be included as well. We have individualised the graphical unit icons so there will be more ‘appropriate’ images for each title. There are also new victory screens, in the same style as the type included in Scheldt ’44. The original victory screens will still be in the build but they are no longer the default used.

As you can imagine, updating nearly thirty titles is a big job and we are plodding through it. There should hopefully be six updates available when this blog post goes to press.


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