Panzer Strategy : trailer et screenshots

En bref. Voici pour accompagner la sortie du jeu ce week-end une série de captures d’écrans ainsi qu’une nouvelle bande-annonce et une vidéo diffusée au début de l’été pour présenter le gameplay de ce wargame très inspiré de Panzer General, mais offrant des graphismes réalisés avec le fameux moteur Unreal Engine 4.

Pour plus d’informations sur Panzer Strategy, qui semble donc être sorti plus tôt que prévu, voyez le site officiel ou cette fiche sur Steam. A lire également en complément notre récent aperçu.



Full version of Panzer Strategy is RELEASED!


September 1, 1939. The Germans invade Poland with a three-front Blitzkrieg. World War II begins.


Panzer Strategy: The war begins on September 1. Take a look at the new gameplay video and screenshots


Starni Games studio is excited to announce that its hardcore wargame Panzer Strategy, currently available on Steam Early Access, is getting a full release on PC on September 1 – on the day World War II began. To celebrate the announcement Starni Games is releasing a new gameplay walkthrough video where you’ll have a look at the forth game scenario – “The Battle of France”.

18 minutes of gameplay:

Panzer Strategy is a historical wargame that combines classic turn-based strategy gameplay with modern looks. The game offers a never-before-seen level of tactic options. Prepare your own strategy, develop the army and fight your way through the real battles of World War II.

Scenarios in Panzer Strategy are precisely recreated from the archive maps and historical reports. Tanks, troops, artillery, aircraft and all the other forces start at the exact places where their real-life commanders had placed them. Armies in the game use historically accurate vehicles and weaponry, each with a unique set of actual traits. Every bit of Panzer Strategy is carefully crafted to stay true to the WWII history.

Panzer Strategy utilizes Unreal Engine 4 technology. For the first time in the wargame genre players can command armies so realistically recreated in full 3D on the battlefields so rich with details. Now the warfare of WWII is more immersive than ever.

Panzer Strategy is not only the most graphically advanced and historically accurate wargame to date – it’s the strategy itself that makes it stand out. The genre is famous for its complex gameplay. Panzer Strategy pushes the boundaries offering diverse tactic options and more than a hundred of customizable units. Moreover, the game adds a range of new mechanics to the mix: army commanders with unique abilities, headquarters management, fuel and ammo supply. Panzer Strategy is designed to create the most flexible strategy gameplay in the genre. You’ll experience the duty of WWII commander in full manner – with battle preparations, supply management and ruthless clashes.

What makes Panzer Strategy special?

Beloved gameplay, modern looks. Panzer Strategy is a classic hexagonal wargame packed with stunning 3D graphics.
Historical accuracy. Battle scenarios, maps, vehicles, weaponry – everything is carefully recreated in accordance with military archives.
Build your own playstyle. Panzer Strategy offers an unprecedented level of tactic and customization options.
Comman­ders. Choose a commander for your campaign and receive unique abilities, perks and side quests.
Headquarters. HQ is a special unit that gives your tro­ops new abilities. Capture the enemy’s headquarters and gain an edge on the battlefield.
Unit attachments and skills. Upgrade your forces with new abilities, weapons and tools to build an army that suits your strategy.
Supply lines. Your army needs a constant source of ammo and fuel. Expand your supply system and cut the enemy’s delivery lines to exhaust its forces – even the most advanced tanks can’t stop you if they don’t have ammo to shoot.