Rendez-vous fin avril pour Imperator – Rome

Paradox confirme aujourd’hui quand son prometteur nouveau jeu de grande stratégie simulant la naissance et l’expansion de Rome sera accessible à tous. Rendez-vous est donc fixé à compter du 25 avril prochain pour découvrir ce que donnera l’évolution du moteur animant les principaux titres de Paradox. En plus de bénéficier d’une carte plus grande, plus belle et plus fine, le jeu offrira des mécanismes empruntés à Crusader Kings et Europa Universalis pour en quelque sorte fusionner le meilleur des deux, en le transposant à l’époque antique.

Un projet très ambitieux à l’évidence, qui devrait à terme offrir un superbe bac à sable historique, précis et rigoureux, mais aussi inévitablement exigeant pour bien en profiter. Rome ne s’est pas faite en un jour, et ici ne se jouera pas en une soirée. Ce qui d’ailleurs n’est pas forcément un défaut, voire probablement tout l’intérêt de ce jeu.

Pour plus d’informations sur Imperator – Rome, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou cette fiche sur Steam. Vous pouvez d’ores et déjà vous reporter au wiki officiel pour retrouver la trentaine de dev diaries ayant abordé différent aspects du jeu.



Hail Citizens! Paradox Announces Release Date for Imperator: Rome!
Pre-orders Open for New Grand Historical Strategy Experience

STOCKHOLM – 05 February 2019 -The consuls and eldest citizens, having gathered in the Temple of Saturn to seek the favor of the gods, consulted the college of augurs to determine the most fortunate date to launch the new venture. After making the appropriate sacrifices, the augurs decreed that that the Gods find ante diem octavum Kalendas Aprilis, ad urba condita 2772 to be the luckiest date.

For the more barbarian of you, this means that Paradox is announcing that Imperator: Rome will be available on 25 April, 2019. The game may be pre-ordered at the Paradox store and other major online retailers starting at $39.99.

Imperator: Rome is a new historical grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio and Johan Andersson. Imperator drops you into the classical world a decade after the death of Alexander the Great. Govern hundreds of ancient kingdoms, tribes and republics, expanding your glory while keeping disloyal governors and unhappy subjects in their place.

Features of Imperator: Rome include:

– Challenging but familiar classical setting: Rome does not yet dominate Italy. Carthage manages dozens of vassal city states in a naval empire. The mantle of Alexander is disputed by kings in Macedonia, Egypt, Anatolia and Persia. India bows to Chandragupta’s Mauryan might.
– Unique Government Mechanics: Kings will find they have a freer hand to do as they please than a consul in a republic, but with fewer political outlets, monarchies may breed traitors more quickly.
– Most detailed Paradox map yet: Hundreds of towns dot the map, some with fortresses or ports to emphasize their strategic importance. Each province’s population will ultimately determine its value and purpose in the empire.
– Population management: Citizens, freemen, slaves and tribal populations bring benefits to your empire, but also burdens if the influx of cheap foreign labor strains your research or food supply.
– Flexible trade system: Exchange surplus goods from far across the sea to satisfy your people or build better armies, or keep your surplus for added bonuses at home.
– Cultural Military Traditions: Different cultures will evolve their armies in different ways. – Embrace the Parthian horse archer as a Persian nation, strengthen your triremes as a Punic power or trust everything to the heavy infantry as a Roman.
– Battle tactics: Choose how your general will approach the coming battle, making the most of force composition and terrain. Use your light infantry to skirmish advantage in rough ground. Gamble on a full assault in open plains.
– Manage of court of hundreds of characters: Watch and guide hundreds of characters through three centuries of history. Families will rise and fall in prominence. Some will be heroes, some will be traitors. Create new legends that will sing through time.
– And Much More: Dynamic events, scheming against rivals, beautiful art and music, barbarian migrations, inventions, religious ideas, laws, royal pretenders and other features to fill in a rich ancient mosaic.

The glories of the ancient world will be yours to control on 25 April, 2019. Have you signed your legionary contract? Are you prepared to build roads to the ends of the earth? Can you be a Caesar? Pre-order now.

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