Ici Stockholm ! Les carottes sont presque cuites, je répète, presque cuites ! Paradox confirme cette semaine que l’intéressante cinquième extension majeure d’Hearts of Iron IV est proche d’atterrir sur nos écrans. Prometteur DLC qui approfondira différents aspects du jeu, en premier lieu permettant de simuler la Résistance française et par voie de conséquence les mouvements de résistance des autres pays, qui œuvrèrent aussi de l’intérieur face à l’envahisseur et à ses sbires collaborateurs. Une dimension donc très abstraite à représenter dans un jeu, et qui devrait avec un peu de chance apporter un joli plus optionnel au gameplay.

A cela se rajoutera une campagne approfondie pour la guerre civile espagnole, plus d’options pour mieux jouer le Portugal voisin, qui aurait pu potentiellement s’impliquer, puis une modélisation générale de l’espionnage, ou encore des unités de reconnaissance.

Pour plus d’informations sur Hearts of Iron IV : La Résistance, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur, ou celle-ci sur Steam.

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The Pigeon Lands at Tea Time: La Résistance has its Release Date
Espionage Focused Expansion to Hearts of Iron 4 Only a Month Away

STOCKHOLM – 23 January 2020 – The codes have been cracked and your agents are ready to move. The enemy will do their best to uncover your mission, but you’ve been preparing for this day for months. You will expose the collaborators and bring the vengeance of the oppressed to the very doorstep of the occupier. You are La Résistance. And the date of the operation has been set.

Paradox Development Studio is ready to announce that La Résistance, the next expansion to Hearts of Iron IV, will be available for all generals and spymasters on February 25, 2020. Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox’s best-selling strategy wargame about World War II, will now be supplemented by an expansion that highlights the challenge of governing unruly conquests and the power of well-placed spies.

Features of Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance include:

– New Focus Trees for France: New National Focuses for Free France and the Vichy Regime, as well as an option for conservatives to restore the old French Monarchy.
– More in Depth Spanish Campaign: New National Focuses for Republican and Nationalist Spain, including an expanded Spanish Civil War that can spiral into a wider conflict.
– Portuguese National Focuses: New unique focus tree for Portugal. Restore Portuguese naval power, strengthen the overseas empire or intervene in the Civil War next door.
– Espionage: Use your Intelligence Agency to train spies to specialize in certain types of information warfare and send them on special operations, or develop passive resistance to enemy espionage.
– Support Resistance: Use your agents to assist allied resistance movements, giving them what they need to damage the enemy.
– Collaboration Governments: Use your agents to prepare the ground for collaborators to fill the void once you’ve conquered your target.
– Code Cracking: Decrypt enemy communications to gain short term battlefield advantages.
Recon units: Scout planes can provide useful information on nearby areas while armored cars help in detecting and suppressing resistance activities.

Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance is now available for pre-order on Steam and Microsoft Store for $19.99 and will be available at Steam, Microsoft Store and the Paradox store on February 25, 2020.


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