Screenshots pour Fantasy General II – Onslaught

Si vous vous demandiez quelle serait la suite du menu pour la sympathique nouvelle version de Fantasy General, voilà une première série d’images qui devraient répondre à vos questions. On y apercevra quelques unes des treize nouvelles unités aériennes allant composer le coeur de ce DLC, et de la campagne supplémentaire allant de pair.

Au passage sachez aussi que le jeu a bénéficié il y a quelques jours d’un nouveau patch, qui corrige divers défauts (cf. changelog ci-après), puis ajoute une mission sur le thème de Noël et surtout un mode Iron Maiden pour qui veut corser la difficulté en jouant avec une unique sauvegarde.

Pour plus d’informations sur Fantasy General II – Invasion, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur, ou celle-ci sur Steam. Puis notre test. Concernant l’extension Onslaught, dont l’envol devrait avoir lieu durant le premier trimestre l’an prochain et pour laquelle vous pouvez postuler à une phase bêta par ici, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur.




Death comes from above in the new expansion for Fantasy General II, Onslaught!

Armoured Giant Eagles roar in the sky and nosedive into enemy lines, while flying Night Mares spell doom for their targets down below. A Firebird screams high in the clouds, and a Pegasus-riding Transmuter flings his magical potions at the enemy.

In the war for Keldonia, the sky has become a battlefield.

Death comes from above in the new expansion for Fantasy General II, Onslaught!

13 new aerial units are introduced, greatly expanding the original roster and allowing for daring new tactics and manoeuvres. Eagle Bombers, Firebirds, Pegasus Flamers, Monster Hunters, and more: you’ll have no shortage of options.

Deploy these units in the brand-new ONSLAUGHT campaign, where a strange dream leads you to hunt for the mysterious Book of Krell. The campaign has over 30 procedurally generated maps, from the abandoned castle of King Dragga to the Lizard infested shores of Eastern Keldonia, until you must finally face The Unspeakable. Choose your General from one of several heroes, each with different skills, armies and advantages, pick your rewards for winning maps and evolve your strategies: the campaign provides endless replayability. Combined with the new Iron Maiden mode, Onslaught offers the ultimate Fantasy General II challenge.

A bonus map has also been added to the Invasion campaign, introducing the new aerial units and a Barbarian Clan of Eagle Riders that you must help in order to gain the Giant Eagle’s support.

Onslaught is due to release in Q1 2020. You can join the Beta and apply now!

Last but not least, don’t forget that Fantasy General II is currently 25% off, so if you’d like to try the base game this would be the perfect time.


Fantasy General II – Patch 4 is out today!

Patch 4 is releasing today!

The new update introduces a brand new themed map called “The Defense of Castle Christmas”. Christmas is in danger, and only you can save it!

It will be unlocked at midnight, on Thursday, and it will be playable throughout the whole of December, until January 6.

The update also introduces a new game mode, Iron Maiden. With only one savegame available, this is not for the faint of heart!

You can read the full changelog down below. It contains a number of fixes, quality of life and balance improvements, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. As usual, your feedback will be very important to keep making the game even better, so keep it coming.

Last but not least, tomorrow will be a very exciting day for all Fantasy General players, so be sure to check for news.

Patch 4 Changelog:

Christmas Event – Christmas is in danger! Only you can save it… look for a sign appearing around Christmas time!
New Gameplay Mode – Iron Maiden. You only have one savegame and no chance to take things back and losing a map means you lose the game – finish the campaign or die trying!
Large Creatures cannot be entangled – Large creatures cannot be entangled by spider webs
Lances break charges – All lances and spears now break charge
Multiplayer – Fixed various issues with multiplayer desynchronisations
Multiplayer – Fixed an issue that caused a multiplayer game to not continue after deployment
Menu – New Menu for selecting which campaign you want to play
Performance Improved – Improved performance throughout the game
UI – Various UI improvements and bug fixes
Camera – Camera now moves faster the more you are zoomed out
Frenzy Bugfix – Fixed a bug where frenzy status effects would behave weirdly when loading a game (or playing multiplayer)


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