Second Front : nouveau trailer

Voici une sympathique bande-annonce pour ce futur wargame qui devrait offrir une simulation très tactique des batailles terrestres de 39-45, avec pour commencer comme principaux protagonistes, allemands, américains et russes. Le jeu allant offrir une modélisation en 3D avec un rendu d’un style relativement simpliste, un gameplay qui devrait être facile d’accès et néanmoins vraisemblablement un degré de simulation très intéressant.

Jeu qui est le troisième titre ajouté au catalogue de Microprose, qui après une vingtaine d’années d’absence fait donc cette semaine un très joli retour en force, une bien bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de bons jeux de stratégie.

Pour plus d’informations sur Second Front, dont la date de sortie n’est pas connue, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-là chez l’éditeur.



MicroProse is Back!

Hunter Valley, Australia, 5th May 2020: MicroProse is back.

This would probably be enough to send shivers down the spine of every strategy and simulation gamer out there.
But MicroProse has always been about the games and this announcement is intended to show everybody how we intend to take the market by the storm with original and high-quality games in the strategy and simulation genres.

We are proud to announce three new games that are in development right now and on Steam.

There is no embargo, this announcement is for immediate publishing.

This is only the beginning though. Other announcements will follow soon as our line-up is constantly growing, together with our ambitious plans.

But enough with bragging, let’s get to the games!

Second Front

Developer: Hexdraw

Second Front is the tactical WWII game that genre enthusiasts always wanted and never really got. Sporting a full-fledged 3D engine and an easy to use user interface, the game is easy to play but hard to master.
Playing a tactical game that is deeper than your average X-Com clone, with a competent AI and a powerful editor to create scenarios and campaigns has been the dream of tactical players for long.

Second Front comes with multiple campaigns covering different fronts of World War II and sporting German, American and Russian units. Scenarios are fought in a 60 turns battle cycle, from morning to night. Fight and rest or push your troops to the limit and press the attack. These are not set-pieces scripted battles but continuous emergent skirmishes with persistent loss, fatigue, and experience.


MicroProse, founded in 1982, is a world-famous simulation software company, known for developing groundbreaking, classics and cult titles like, the Falcon, F15 Strike Eagle, Silent Service, Gunship, Grand Prix, Civilization, B-17 The Mighty Eighth and X-COM series and many more simulation products, that sold millions of copies each at retail.
Today, MicroProse is not only remaking select classics from its past but also paving the road to next-generation, state of the art games that will create the memories and experiences of the demanding new generations of gamers.

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  1. Merci pour l’info. Punaise j’avais pas percuté que MicroProse fait un come-back… Je ne savais même pas qu’ils existaient encore…

    En tout cas je suis très intéressé par la facilité d’accès. J’aime bien le côté graphique simpliste mais là c’est peut-être un peu too much ? Ca fait “toy”.

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