Stargate – Timekeepers : premier teaser

Voilà une bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de SF, en effet Slitherine a dévoilé brièvement il y a peu une future adaptation concernant l’univers de la bien connue série télé Stargate SG-1 (et de ses diverses déclinaisons depuis les années. Très peu de choses sont connues pour le moment, mis à part que le jeu sera réalisé par le studio polonais Creative Forge Games (Hard West, voir ce test, Phantom Doctrine, voir cet article), que le gameplay sera au niveau tactique et peut-être en temps réel, et qu’il s’agira de voyager un peu partout dans le temps et l’espace pour aller à la rescousse de civils menacés, comme pour aller aider des amis et alliés en danger.

Le tout au travers d’un scénario débutant après la fin de la saison 7.

Pour plus d’informations sur Stargate – Timekeepers, dont la date de sortie n’est pas connue, patientez encore un peu le temps que la Porte des étoiles s’entrouvre un peu plus.



Home of Wargamers 2021 LIVE+

Epsom, May 11th. Home Of Wargames Live+, Slitherine’s main event of 2021, set the stage for some serious announcements. Four games have been revealed today on Slitherine’s Twitch channel, four titles that will definitely set the pace of the Company’s future months.

“Slitherine is currently investing in more than 15 unannounced projects and has over £10m invested in active development projects. We strive to bring strategy gaming to a wider audience, with a coherent mix of owned IPs and licensed properties. 40 different development studios of varied sizes are contributing to this long-term project, of which today we just unveiled a tiny fraction”, said Iain McNeil, CEO Slitherine.

Stargate: Timekeepers is the first-ever strategy PC game based on the fan favorite series, Stargate SG-1. Players will travel through time and space, save civilians from the threats of their system lords, rescue their friends and allies from danger, and much more. Stargate: Timekeepers departs from the end of season 7 of the Stargate SG-1 main plot to create a wholly original story starting during the Battle of Antarctica, where Command Eva McCain and her team are tasked with supporting the SG-1 against Anubis’s fleet.

Besides these four awesome new titles, Slitherine also has shown the playable version of the three AAA titles coming in the next months: Starship Troopers – Terran Command, Distant Worlds 2 and Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector, as well as an update on the “pro” software used (among others) by US, British, German and Australian defence.

We also gave you a full update on Slitherine Group with our CEO Iain McNeil who talked about 2021 results and figures while our CFO JD McNeil discussed the latest news regarding Slitherine’s PRO segment. We showed you some interesting new features from Command 2.0 and, of course, we gave you an update on our Wargames portfolio.

We dedicated the second part of the event to what we like the most: gameplay.
So, together with our Production Team and Slitherine’s Brand Managers, we watched the first-ever gameplay of Starship Troopers: Terran Command. We also took a look at Warhammer 40.000 Battlesector and our “classic” Distant Worlds 2.

We hope you had a great time because we did.
And stay tuned, we still have a lot more to share with you!

A huge thanks to all developers whose products were presented at HoW Live+

Black Lab Games
BK Wargames
Campaign Series Legion
Kraken Studios
MuHa Games
Steel Balalaika
The Artistocrats

And last but not least, thanks to Slitherine’s team.
It wouldn’t be the “Home” Of Wargamers without you