Steel Tigers approche

En bref. Au registre des futurs wargames à venir chez Matrix, et pour faire suite ici aux divers discrets échos entendus depuis plusieurs années, comme cette annonce, les amateurs de bons wargames tactiques comme les nostalgiques de Steel Panthers seront heureux de savoir que le studio 2by3 Games, une fois War in the East 2 fini l’an prochain si tout va bien, s’occupera de terminer Steel Tigers.

Ce jeu allant utiliser un nouveau moteur et étant encore en plein développement, il est bien entendu trop tôt pour évoquer une date de sortie. Patience.



An Update on 2by3’s plans for 2020

Hi everyone,

2019 has been a very busy year for 2by3, with two major projects (War in the East 2 and Steel Tigers) in the works and we wanted to give you all a brief update on how things are going and our current expectations for 2020.

Finishing War in the East 2 has top priority for 2by3 and it is expected to be feature complete within the next quarter, which means that a final release date will depend on final testing and polish time, but we expect it will be a 2020 release. Recruitment for testers will ramp up once we reach a feature complete state.

Steel Tigers is the next priority after WITE2 and is already roughly 70% feature complete for our initial feature goals, but it is a complex title and a great deal of work still remains. Steel Tigers is a cooperative project that has included development and engine support from Matrix and Slitherine as well.

Steel Tigers will release after WITE2. As it is based on a new engine and not yet feature complete, it’s too early to predict a timeframe but we want to allow enough time to finish it properly and also to support WITE2 properly after its release. We do plan to involve the Steel Panthers community in the alpha test once the basic feature set and testing are complete and their feedback will help us greatly in determining the final shape of the game and additional development and the final release timeline.

Best Regards and Happy Thanksgiving,

– Matrix Games and 2by3

Erik Rutins
Director of Product Development


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