Stellar Tactics : nouveaux trailers

Maverick Games a mis en ligne il y a peu deux nouvelles vidéos présentant son intéressant jeu mélangeant RPG, gestion d’escouades et exploration spatiale. Voici donc d’une part un aperçu du gameplay, montrant brièvement différents aperçus des voyages et combats, mais aussi de l’interface pour gérer tout cela, vaisseaux, équipement et équipages de mercenaires principalement. Puis d’autre part, une vidéo récapitulant le scénario, à savoir la série de catastrophes qui précipita l’humanité dans le vide intersidéral, à la recherche d’une nouvelle planète où pouvoir recommencer une nouvelle vie. Et de nouvelles guerres et conquêtes…

Pour plus d’informations sur Stellar Tactics, actuellement en pleine phase Accès anticipé, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site officiel.



Patch 0.151 cumulative and whats next!

Hi everyone. First, I’d like to thank all of you who reported bugs big and small over the last few weeks. I’m posting a new build and cumulative patch notes since the release of the last major content update September 21st when I opened the universe.

It’s been a very busy time since the release of the patch and we’ve had a lot of new additions to the Stellar Tactics community providing a ship load of great feedback and suggestions. I read everything I can posted on the forums and many of you know that I’m actively engaged in the conversations there. Please do continue to post and comment. Your feedback is much appreciated!

Here is what I’ll be working on next, in no particular order. I’ll start rolling out these features one at a time for the most part.

In no particular order:

Perks to level 100
A few additional devices that can be used in combat.
Repair system for both space and ground. The space repair system will allow you to assign crew members to ship repairs. You will of course still be able to pay for repairs on stations.
Addition of weapons for pugilism along with some adjustments. Currently there are no weapon types for this combat skill. I’ve compensated by making this skill more powerful, however, it’s time to get these weapons in with mod slots etc.
Implement new animations – these are done and have been waiting until I had time to get them in the game
Space trading and the Trade-Net
Cargo transfer on stations
Special weapon attacks
Ground mining drone system
Sneaking, traps and environment security systems (including turrets)
Sorting for vendors, inventory, stash and cargo
Space station turret defense systems
Patrolling enemies and NPC’s
Faction Agents will buy scan data
Implement the updated ship models you saw in the last announcement


N.b : pour le détail du patch 0.151, voyez le changelog sur Steam ou sur le site officiel.