Stellaris – Federations : patch 2.6 et bande-annonce

La quatrième extension majeure de ce superbe 4X vient d’arriver aujourd’hui. Au programme, une vaste palette de possibilités pour guerroyer sans combattre, grâce à de meilleures capacités diplomatiques et par exemple à un sénat galactique qu’il faudra influencer.

Cela en plus de nouvelles constructions grandioses, et un système dit d’origines pour étoffer le passé de son empire. Le tout étant accompagné par une nouvelle mise à jour 2.6.0 améliorant de nombreuses choses, dont les performances globales du jeu (cf. changelog complet par ici dans le forum officiel).

A lire aussi ce récent dev diary évoquant le sujet de la refonte de l’IA du jeu : Stellaris Dev Diary #172 – Reworking the AI.

Enfin à noter que Paradox propose désormais un Stellaris : Starter Pack en guise de lot de base pour démarrer avec le jeu, bundle incluant les DLC Utopia et Apocalypse, et actuellement en promotion à -66%. Soit 27 euros au lieu de 80. Les autres DLC étant par ailleurs tous aussi en promotion ces temps-ci.

Pour plus d’informations sur Stellaris – Federations, voyez cette fiche sur Steam, ou par ici chez l’éditeur.

Concernant le jeu de base, voyez cette page sur Steam ainsi que le wiki officiel du jeu. Ou encore notre article Stellaris, vers l’infini et au-delà !


Stellaris patch 2.6.0 verne


Stellaris Takes the Oath of Office With Federations Expansion, Out Now

STOCKHOLM – Mar 17, 2020 – Paradox Interactive, the game company that isn’t afraid to push the limits of intergalactic diplomacy, today released Federations, the newest expansion to sci-fi grand strategy title Stellaris. This expansion focuses on the galactic community and its internal politics, offering expanded capabilities for federations and the establishment of a powerful galactic senate. Aspiring legislators now have the chance to showcase their political prowess on an astronomical level. Stellaris: Federations is now available for PC platforms at a suggested retail price of $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.49.

“The Federations expansion offers a new take on the game that our community has been asking for,” said Daniel Moregard, Game Director of Stellaris at Paradox Interactive. “We can’t wait for Stellaris fans to enter the high-stakes world of galactic diplomacy!”

Join the party in power by watching a new Federations trailer here:

Federations is now available at the below platforms and will be available later today on the Microsoft Store:

-Paradox Plaza:
– Steam:
– GOG:
– Microsoft Store:

Federations features include:

– Expanded Federations: With expanded diplomacy capabilities, players can build up the internal cohesion of their federations and unlock powerful rewards for all members. Whether you join a Trade League, Martial Alliance, or Hegemony, membership can be extremely advantageous.
– Galactic Community: Unite the space empires with a galactic senate that can vote on a wide range of resolutions to drive legislative agendas. For example, players can pass a resolution to increase commitments to collective defense or funnel profit towards wealthy elites. Members can also sanction those who defy the community, and enact a single galactic focus. Sway the senate to position yourself as a leader, trading favors and maneuvering, doing whatever it takes to gain influence among schemers.
– Origins: Each empire has a story that shapes its path. Give your civilization deeper roots with the new system of Origins. By choosing an Origin, players can flesh out their empire’s background and alter its starting conditions. Whether it’s Void Dwellers who have abandoned their homeworld to live in perpetual orbit, or a society that worships and protects a powerful Tree of Life, you can lay the groundwork wisely for the seeds of your empire.
– New Constructions: Construct glorious new projects for your empire like the Juggernaut, a massive mobile starbase that provides a movable repair base even in enemy territory, or the Mega Shipyard, a new megastructure that can churn out fleets with incredible speed. Offering both tactical advantages and a good dose of shock and/or awe, these are sure to be an asset to any space empire.

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