Stellaris – Federations repoussé à début 2020

En bref. Si vous attendiez la prochaine extension majeure du réussi 4X Space opéra de Paradox, il va vous falloir patienter un peu plus que prévu. En effet il y a quelques semaines dans une annonce dans le forum officiel au lieu d’une sortie qui avait été envisagée en décembre il a désormais été fait état d’un vague début 2020, les développeurs ayant besoin de plus de temps pour préparer un contenu, dixit, “formidable”.

Ce qui se traduira entre autres par des améliorations des performances du jeu et de l’IA, un aspect important si il en est pour tous les jeux, et un peu plus encore pour un DLC allant mettre en avant la diplomatie. Voyez à ce sujet les exemples proposées images à l’appui dans ce récent dev diary. Améliorations qui seront d’ailleurs aussi ajoutées au jeu de base via un futur patch 2.6. 

Pour plus d’informations sur Stellaris : Federations, dont la date de sortie n’est donc toujours pas connue, voyez cette fiche sur Steam, ou par ici chez l’éditeur.

Concernant le jeu de base, voyez cette page sur Steam ainsi que le wiki officiel du jeu. Ou encore notre article Stellaris, vers l’infini et au-delà !



Stellaris Dev Diary #161 – Development Update

Hello everyone!

For this week’s dev diary we chose to switch the order of a couple of dev diaries to be able to give you some updates earlier rather than later.

The Stellaris brand has understandably been under more scrutiny than usual for the last few months, and we want to address situations related to work-in-progress art in Federations. As an example, we had some UI design mockups (shown during PDXCon) that contained placeholder art. We want to make clear this is not how the game will appear in its final version.

Moving on to Federations: During PDXCON 2019 we said that we would give more information on the expansion later during the year – and today we want to share some news that Federations is targeted for release in early 2020. Although we understand that some of you might be disappointed that Federations will not be released in December, we want you to know that we are taking more time to make sure that the next update is going to be amazing.

In addition, to give us the best chance of improving some of the pain points you’ve shared with us, we have assigned some of our team members to focus solely on trying to improve performance and AI. It is very important to us that 2.6 does not compound any of the current issues with the game, and that we can take the time we need to address some of the issues remaining from 2.2. It’s important to remember, however, that working on these kinds of issues is not a sprint, but a marathon – it’s something that is constantly being worked on over longer periods of time.

If you want to read more about performance, and how we work to maintain it over time, we shared some more information on this topic in Dev Diary #149.

While we have been unable to give concrete information or specifics related to these issues, we can say that it is very important to us. With that said, it’s important for us that you know that your feedback is not being ignored, even if we have no news to share.

We want to thank you for being such a dedicated community and helping us by providing feedback and reporting issues with the game. We appreciate this to no end and encourage you to continue voicing your thoughts to us.

From the beginning of next year, we’ll be doing a series of dev diaries dedicated entirely to answering questions related to specific topics each week. The schedule for those dev diaries will be released later in December when we’ll summarize and round up the year.

That is it for this week! Dev diaries will resume their regular schedule, and as promised last week, next week we will be talking about some of the new things affecting diplomacy, such as Envoys.

Since this dev diary had no pictures I felt it was necessary to add something, so here’s a picture of the premade Lithoid-empire that some of you have been asking us to add to the Lithoids Species Pack! (Will also be updated with 2.6)


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