Strategic Command – World War I : bande-annonce

Avis aux amateurs de guerre des tranchées et de conflits mondiaux, le nouveau volet de la réussie refonte de la série Strategic Command est arrivé en cette fin de semaine. Comme le confirme ce trailer qui l’accompagnait hier et montre de nombreux extraits du jeu, donc de la manière dont le thème de 14-18 est globalement retranscrit.

Pour plus d’informations sur Strategic Command : World War I, dont nous reparlerons bientôt, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam.

Si vous ne connaissez pas le nouvelle  formule qui a fait le succès de Strategic Command WWII, voyez nos articles Strategic Command WWII – World at War : Enfin la guerre mondiale ! et Strategic Command WWII, plus qu’une suite, une réussite



The Great War begins, Strategic Command: WWI is out

Strategic Command: World War I is released and it’s time for you to relive the War the should have Ended all Wars.

Choose which bloc you want to lead, The Triple Entente or the Central Powers, and witness firsthand the importance of strategic planning coupled with the need for cooperation between all the nations on your side.

Discover new groundbreaking technologies, employ new tactics on the battlefield and try the hardest as you can to break the enemy’s morale with any action!

Unique World War I gameplay mechanics have been implemented for an ever greater dose of realism and historical accuracy. Develop impenetrable trench systems, block enemy sea routes with naval mines, use early aircraft models to scout the enemy and direct focused artillery fire on them. Or undermine the enemy’s will to resist through diplomacy and political intrigue before striking.

Grab the game now.

Are you eager to see the game in action? Strategic Command: World War I will be featured today on our official Twitch Channel at 6 PM GMT. Tune in!

Strategic Command: World War I is also part of the “Strategic Command Complete” Bundle.

Do you know that SCWWI is completely moddable? Take a look at the Blue Max Mod created by IronX!