Stellaris – Utopia : bande-annonce

Pardox diffuse un sympathique trailer pour Utopia, la prochaine première vraie extension pour son 4X Stellaris, dont la sortie est maintenant prévue le 6 avril prochain. Au programme, la construction de mégastructures, des stations spatiales, la possibilité d’effectuer de nouveaux choix politiques concernant la citoyenneté, puis encore de nombreuses améliorations du moteur de jeu (dont l’essentiel sera bien entendu disponible aussi via un patch pour le jeu de base).

Pour plus d’informations sur Stellaris – Utopia, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur. A voir également si besoin notre article Stellaris, vers l’infini et au-delà !, ce récapitulatif sur le patch 1.2, puis le site officiel, cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam.


Stellaris Allow You to Lead Your Species to Utopia on April 6

Release Date of First Stellaris Expansion Revealed in New Trailer.

STOCKHOLM – 27 February 2017 – Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have set a release date for their first expansion to their celebrated space grand strategy game. Stellaris: Utopia will be shaping galactic civilizations as of April 6, 2017 and will be found at Steam and the Paradox Store for $19.99/€19.99.

One of the core improvements in Utopia is the introduction of Ascension Perks. As your species advances and gains new traditions, it can choose how it wants to evolve as it is further enlightened. You can choose between a biological path, a psionic path or a synthetic path, with various options within these broad categories. Body, Mind or Machine – how will your species challenge the future?

Utopia also includes:

  • Megastructures: Build wondrous structures in your systems including Dyson Spheres and ring worlds, bringing both prestige and major advantages to your race.
  • Habitat Stations: Build “tall” and establish space stations that will house more population, serving the role of planets in a small and confined empire.
  • Rights and Privileges: Set specific policies for which of the many species under your thumb will have the rights and privileges of full citizenship. Build an egalitarian paradise or follow a caste system.
  • And even more improvements and updates, including (as is traditional with all of our paid content releases) free updates for every Stellaris owner!

Stellaris: Utopia brings even greater depth and variety to a game already celebrated for its story-telling power and near endless possibilities. Are you ready for perfection?

Paradox Interactive is a leading global publisher of strategy games for PC.  The world-renowned strategy catalog stretches back to 1999, and the company holds a particularly strong presence in the United States and Europe.

The publisher’s steadily-growing portfolio includes firmly established PC franchises such as the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis, Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings, Magicka and the Hearts of Iron series created by Paradox Development Studio and a network of partner studios.