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Surviving Mars – Below and Beyond : nouvelles vidéos

En bref. Voici une récente bande-annonce et quelques extraits supplémentaires de gameplay pour commencer à creuser dans ce que proposera la prochaine extension allant très rapidement arriver pour cet original city-builder. DLC qui en résumé permettra d’étendre vos villes sous la surface de Mars, grâce à des grottes et des tunnels de lave, au risque toutefois qu’il y ait des effondrements. L’exploitation minière des ressources martiennes sera aussi améliorée, et par exemple de nouveaux véhicules et bâtiments pourront être débloqués progressivement via la recherche de nouvelles technologies.

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Build Underground Bases and Mine Asteroids in Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond, Launching September 7

Jam out to the Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack while building your colony

STOCKHOLM – August 31, 2021 – Paradox Interactive and Abstraction announced Below & Beyond, the first premium expansion for Surviving Mars since Green Planet’s launch in May 2019. Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond will launch on September 7 for a suggested retail price of $19.99 USD / €19.99 EUR / £15.49 GBP on Steam, GOG, Epic, Humble, PlayStation™ 4 and Xbox One. Below & Beyond enhances colony management by going below the surface and beyond the horizon to build underground bases, mine asteroids, and gather rare resources.

Watch the Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond reveal trailer here

Below & Beyond pushes the limits of what is possible on the Red Planet. Expand horizons with additional buildings, more resources, and a cavernous world full of mysteries. Players can tunnel beneath the surface and construct subterranean bases below the colony or in nearby underground caves. Enterprising players can attach rocket-propelled buildings to passing asteroids and mine exotic resources, but you’ll need to make it back to the Red Planet’s surface before the asteroid leaves orbit or else you lose your stuff and your colonists.

Key Features

– Back to the Bases – Expand your colony into caves and lava tubes under the surface. Players can use existing structures, or underground-specific buildings to build a base for exploration. Expand with caution, potential cave-ins can destroy everything.

– Mine Your Own Business – Players can now go below the surface and beyond the red planet for resource mining. Construct special rocket-propelled buildings to mine resources, including exotic minerals and Data Samples, on passing asteroids. Don’t stick around too long or else the Asteroid will drift away with your stuff!

– Branching Paths – The Recon and Expansion research tree unlock additional buildings, vehicles, upgrades, and locales. They will also unlock asteroid mining and tunnel colonization.

“When we started planning out what was next for Surviving Mars, we really wanted to dive deep into the parts of the Red Planet we had not already explored. We know we had to come out swinging and Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond expands gameplay in a meaningful way,” says Magnus Lysell, Product Manager for Surviving Mars at Paradox Interactive. ”The possibilities are endless and we’re eager to continue exploring the Red Planet with our players.”

Launching alongside Below & Beyond is the Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack. The pack includes 16 original tracks from four different artists, for 70 minutes of chill roving tunes. The Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack will be available for $3.99 USD / €3.99 EUR / £2.89 GBP on the Steam, GOG, and Microsoft stores, and $4.99 USD / €3.99 EUR / £2.89 GBP on PlayStation.

Fans of Surviving Mars can check out the Surviving Mars OST Vinyl, available for preorder at until September 7.

Surviving Mars is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. For more information about Surviving Mars, visit the Paradox Store page, or check it out on Twitter and Facebook.

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