Tokyo Towers, troisième DLC pour Project Highrise

En bref. Après Miami et Las Vegas, c’est au tour de la capitale du Japon d’être à l’honneur dans ce simulateur de gratte-ciel qui est en quelque sorte la suite spirituelle de Sim Tower.

Au passage le jeu bénéficie aussi d’une nouvelle mise à jour améliorant entre autres quelques fonctionnalités (voir le changelog ci-après).

Pour plus d’informations sur Project Highrise: Tokyo Towers, voyez sur le blog de Somasim ou par ici sur Steam. Ainsi que pour le jeu de base notre test de Project Highrise.


Tokyo Towers Content Pack Now Available!

In the Tokyo Towers content pack, you’ll build residential towers full of apartments that cater to those seeking an urban oasis of calm amid the carefully choreographed chaos of Japan’s capital.

The Tokyo Towers content pack features:

New apartments. Master the complicated, crowded (and expensive) world of Tokyo’s residential market with new types of apartments.
Food Stalls. Create a vibrant food court full of new stalls that tempt customers at all times of day and night.
Tokyo Exteriors. Design a quintessentially Tokyo residential block complete with matching exteriors and cityscapes inspired by Japan’s unique urban landscape.
New artworks. Bring prestige and beauty to your towers with Japanese-inspired paintings, sculptures and other fine artowrks.
…and lots more new features to create tremendous Tokyo Towers.

Not ready to head to Tokyo? The following changes are being rolled out to everyone:

Penthouses and rooftop restaurants updated. You’ll be able to choose which direction the outdoor space faces to perfectly suit your tower.
We’ve retuned the residential services a bit to improve balance.
The decos ribbon has been redone. Items have been removed from DLC-based tabs and placed into their proper category.

Full release notes for version 1.5.8 including the new content pack can be viewed here:


*** Version 1.5.8 (Sep 8, 2017)

New additions – Tokyo Towers Content Pack:
– New Tokyo-themed apartments
– New services for Tokyo apartments
– New class of restaurants – food stalls
– New Tokyo-themed lobbies and decorations
– New Tokyo artworks (paintings and sculptures)
– Two new Tokyo Towers scenarios
– New residential contracts

New additions – Base game:
– Opposite-facing versions of both rooftop restaurants and option to choose during move-in
– Opposite-facing versions of both penthouse apartments and option to choose during move-in

Changes (base and content pack):
– Retuning of residential services:
– Demand should be more balanced for all residential services
– Unhappiness for missed service calls for most apartments increased
– Overhaul of the decos ribbon
– Put items from expansions and content packs into relevant categories
– Moved fountains, lobby art and outdoor art items from expansions and content packs into relevant categories
– Changed consultant upgrade required for plaza items to be consistent throughout

Bug fixes:
– Fixed display problems with weather


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