Accueil Actus Vidéos Total Tank Generals : première vidéo, screenshots et démo

Total Tank Generals : première vidéo, screenshots et démo

En bref. Voici une courte bande-annonce et plusieurs captures d’écrans diffusées il y a peu pour ce futur jeu que vous pourrez essayer à partir du 3 octobre, dans le cadre du festival de démo à venir sur Steam.

Jeu qui proposera de diriger une armée en 39-45, dont le gameplay sera en tour par tour, avec des graphismes très soignés, et qui semble vouloir intégrer une relative dimension “éducative”, afin d’offrir aux joueurs une perspective sur les choix et décisions qu’eurent à prendre trois grand généraux (Patton, Zhukov, et Rommel).

Quoiqu’il en soit, vous pourrez donc rapidement juger vous-même de l’approche des développeurs sur ce vaste sujet, en essayant la première mission de la campagne allemande, à savoir la bataille d’Arras qui eu lieu en mai 1940.

Pour plus d’informations sur Total Tank Generals, dont la date de sortie se situe quelque part en 2023, voyez cette fiche sur Steam et cette page sur le site du studio.



Free Demo Coming | Steam Next Fest

You’ll soon be getting your hands on a demo of TTG – for FREE
You don’t have long to wait…

Hey everyone, James here, Brand Community Manager at 505 Games and working with Noobz From Poland on Total Tank Generals.

Today, we have some very exciting news – a FREE DEMO of Total Tank Generals will be available of the upcoming Steam Next Fest, starting October 3rd!

The demo will give players a hands-on taste of what Total Tank Generals is all about – historical and tactical battles. Something that we love.

In the demo, you will play the first mission of the German campaign – The Battle Of Arras, 21st May 1940.

We’d love to hear your feedback on playing the demo, don’t forget to join our Discord or comment below on your experiences.

Total Tank Generals will be available in 2023.


Introducing Total Tank Generals

Take a look at the official Announcement Trailer for Total Tank Generals, coming 2023.
“Every War has its Generals”

Welcome Generals! My name is James, Brand Community Manager here at 505 Games and working on the acclaimed Total Tank franchise alongside our friends at Noobz From Poland.

Today, we’re excited to finally announce Total Tank Generals.

Total Tank Generals allows you to take command of an army during World War 2, leading them to victory! Turn-based strategy is the name of the game here, as we drop you into real historical military campaigns of past generals and see how you fair.

As you take command of your army, YOUR decisions matter
– when to move, when to expend your ammo, when to hold back and when to push forward.

However, our adaptive and intuitive AI is also doing the same. Want to keep using tanks, that’s fine, but be prepared for lots of anti-tank weapons from your opponent!

Presenting war from the perspective of three of the greatest WWII Generals, is challenging, offering an in-depth educational side to the war, and the decisions that shaped our world today. Delivered in an entertaining and comprehensible package depicting historical events in a realistic documentary-like manner within a War Museum.

Modders, we haven’t forgotten about you…

We will be enabling extended support for modding – allowing for the replacement of unit and map visuals, allowing players to create and share advance mods for Total Tank Generals.

“OK, so what about Total Tank Simulator?!“

We’ve heard you and can confirm that a FREE update will be coming to Total Tank Simulator – which will include a new faction.

We love how loud and passionate our community is about our games, from creators to war game players, we’re here to make games for YOU.

We’ll have more to say about the update soon, so stay tuned.

Total Tank Generals is slated for 2023.

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