Tribute to the Liberation of Italy, nouveau DLC pour Steel Division 2

En bref. Le sympathique STR d’Eugen Systems n’a pas encore dit son dernier mot. La preuve avec cette nouvelle importante extension se focalisant sur la campagne d’Italie en 1944. Au menu, huit nouvelles divisions à contrôler et quatre nations : l’Afrique du Sud, le Brésil, les deux États rivaux de la péninsule italienne, la République sociale italienne (RSI) affiliée à l’Axe et le Royaume d’Italie, du coté des Alliés. Au total ce sont pas moins de 300 nouvelles unités qui rejoignent les rangs, dont de nombreux modèles de véhicules italiens.

A noter que cet add-on fait en quelque sorte suite au petit DLC Nemesis #3 – Battle of Rimini sorti en janvier l’an dernier. Module qui se déroulait pendant l’Opération Olive, lancée à la mi-septembre 1944, alors que les Alliés tentaient de percer la ligne défensive Gothique tenue par les Allemands sur la côte adriatique.

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Tribute to the Liberation of Italy Out Now

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Keep reading to find out what you can encounter in our newest expansion.

What does Tribute to Liberation of Italy bring?

Are you ready for a whole slew of new features, units, battlegroups, and other goodies with the latest expansion?

Command 8 new meticulously researched divisions and access four fully voiced new nations: South Africa, Brazil, and the competing Repubblica Sociale Italiana and the Allied-aligned Kingdom of Italy.
4 new Axis battegroups: the 5. Gebirgsjäger, the Italian-German mixed 4. Fallschirmjäger, the 26. Panzerdivisionor the Mussolini-loyal 4a Divisione Alpini “Monterosa”.
4 new Allied battlegroups: the 6th South African Armoured Division, the Italian Corpo Italiano di Liberazione, the 8th Indian (Infantry) Division, or the diverse Task Force 45.
Over 300 new units, including infantry squads, with 22 brand-new vehicle models, 4 new plane models, as well as many new variants. This includes a wide variety of Italian equipment, from the P-26/40 tank, to the ubiquitous Semovente 47/32, the rare Semovente M41 90/53 and other versions, AS.42 heavy recon jeep and MotoGuzzi side-cars. Other new units include the uncommon German FAMO 88mm, Indian ACV-IP Mk.2 APCs, South African Bedford QL 6pdr Portee, American M2 90mm AA guns, British BL 4,5-inch howitzer, and many more. Take to the skies with the C.202 serie VIII Folgore, G.55 serie I Centauro, Re.2002 Ariete fighters, or Z. 1007bis serie VI Alcione bomber.
New infantry model sets, such as South African, Brazilian, Indian including Sikh and Gurkhas, German Gebirgsjäger, and many different types of Italian soldiers in both Axis and Allied divisions.

Some background reading

If you are waiting to download or want to catch up on some history, look no further! Follow the links below to access all the Versus posts, detailing each new battlegroup.

Read more about the Armored battlegroups: the 26. Panzerdivision with its special AA forces and the supersized 6th South African Armoured Division in the first Versus blogpost here.
Check out the two Mountain formations, the German 5. Gebirgs-Division and the specialised 8th (Indian) Infantry Division in the second Versus blogpost here.
Discover more of the two unique Infantry battlegroups, the Axis 4. Fallschirmjäger
and the US-led international Task Force 45, in the third Versus post here.
Last but not least, the Italians! You can find more about the opposing Italian battlegroups, the Axis 4a Divisione Alpini “Monterosa” and the Allied Corpo Italiano di Liberazione
in the fourth Versus blog post here.
Read all about the Italian Air Forces, both Axis and Allied, and the unique planes they fielded in this in-depth blog post.

What’s next?

Before we let you get to it, commander, just a quick note on the upcoming goodies currently in the pipeline. We are hard at work on the next DLC, Nemesis: Raid on Drvar. You will receive more details and news in next week’s post. Also, we will hopefully be able to reveal more about our new Army General campaign DLC in the not-to-distant future!

We have also made recuts of the 10v10 Tannenbeg maps in order to provide two new 1v1 & 2v2 maps, which are being tested as we speak. It will be released soon.

Au revoir and until next week!

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