Version 2.0 pour Terraforming Mars

En bref. Bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de colonisation martienne ainsi que pour les connaisseurs de ce jeu qui a atterri sur nos écrans depuis plusieurs années maintenant. La version PC de Terraforming Mars vient en effet d’atteindre le seuil de la 2.0, c’est à dire a bénéficié de nombreuses améliorations diverses, voyez le changelog ci-après, d’autres étant en outre prévues ultérieurement cette année.

Pour plus d’informations sur Terraforming Mars, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site officiel. Ainsi que notre article Terraforming Mars : planète à vendre, rénovations nécessaires. Concernant la version jeu de plateau, voyez notre article Terraforming Mars : totale réussite ludique !.



Terraforming 2.0 landing initiated… touchdown in 3…2…1…
We have arrived on Mars, with many improvements to all your tools, personnel and more!

[Incoming transmission] …Vessel upgrades complete
…Production pipeline streamlined
…Transportation routes optimized
…Deploying updates to systems…
…Terraforming Mars 2.0, deployed.
[End of transmission]

Terraforming Mars 2.0
In October 2018, we released version 1.0 of Terraforming Mars. Since that day, we have deployed hundreds of patches to improve server stability, game experience, and much more. It has been a long road that we have traveled with our community, making Terraforming Mars its best possible version! We are excited to announce that we have officially released Terraforming Mars, version 2.0, our most stable and optimized version of the game yet, with a massive list of fixes and changes.

There has never been a better time to start making the red planet habitable than now.

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Can you turn a profit and make this inhospitable place a future home for mankind, all of your own making? There is only one way to find out!

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More to come!
Over the coming months, we will continue to make updates and changes as necessary. But we’re also excited to say that we have other things we will talk about shortly! So please keep your eyes peeled here on our blog and social channels. We’re looking forward to seeing the community’s reaction.

Patch notes –
New Features

The Compendium, a new interface displaying all game cards.
Solo History board, enabling players to check their previous results in the Solo mode.
A card counter indicating how many cards are left in the deck.
When placing a new tile, a popup indicates the corresponding placement bonus(es).
When checking special tiles, a popup indicates bonuses associated with these tiles.
During the card selection process, the game now remembers what cards were displayed before a zoom-in on a card.


Multiple UI improvements for mobile and PC.
In card selection mode, the game won’t reset the page when zooming in and out of a card.
Players can now check played Event cards from anywhere (these cards were sometimes displayed face down in some interfaces).
Players can now add any Asmodee player as a friend.
Update the social network links.
Multiple translations added.
Game credits updated.

Bug Fixes

In game systems
Game doesn’t freeze anymore when trying to resume a local game.
Fixed a soft lock when returning to the main menu during the Prelude phase.
Heat Conversion button no longer disappears when clicking too fast.
Card effects
Fixed a soft lock when playing “Olympus Conference”#185 or “Viral Enhancer”#74 cards and using their effect.
Players can now play a Science card and add or remove a Science point after playing “Olympus Conference”#185.
Fixing multiple edge cases when the player tries to sell cards after playing “Beam from a Thorium Asteroid”#058
The player can now steal resources with “Hired Riders”#124 in Solo mode.
Game doesn’t freeze for the first player in a game of Hellas anymore.
When a player removes a resource from other players, they now see nicknames instead of Corporation names in the UI.

Known bugs

Some cards aren’t localized correctly after we change the language.
Playing “Commercial District”#085 doesn’t show the player how many bonus VP he will get.
Players using Valley Trust corporation don’t receive the 3M€ reward shown in the UI after playing “Standard project”#156.
Milestones/Awards disappear in the Prelude phase when the player uses View game state mode.
Bad display of HUD in the first tutorial.
The Prelude icon isn’t similar to other icons in the game.
User profile menu is always displayed if the player is in another menu.
Players don’t receive the reward shown in the UI after playing “Land claim”#066.
Highlight Draw option is required if the player creates a standard game with Prelude.
UI issues in Profile screen with long nicknames.
After a generation, the addition of the TM is wrong at first.
When there aren’t enough cards, the info popup is displayed too fast.
In solo mode, the game doesn’t say “You won/lost” anymore.
When “Asteroid Mining Consortium”#002 is played, players can reduce the titanium production of another player with 0 titanium production.
Cards don’t always stay sorted between turns and generations
Retract card drawing in online mode if a player returns to the main menu and resumes a match.
Cards reduction with Helios corporation isn’t applied.
In the first generation, players’ corporations appear in grey even though they can still play.
“Back” button is slow to react in the Compendium.


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