Wars Across the World : patch et Malaya 1941

Un nouveau scénario vient d’arriver pour ce jeu mi plateau, mi PC, mi wargame qui continue donc de nous faire voyager tous les mois aux quatre coins du monde via les nombreuses guerres qu’il a connu. Aujourd’hui, rendez-vous dans la Malaisie du début des années 40, période où comme vous le savez les japonais se déchainaient dans cette péninsule, et particulièrement sur la forteresse britannique de Singapour.

Au passage sachez aussi que le jeu vient de bénéficier d’une nouvelle mise à jour, patch améliorant différents aspects des règles, de l’IA ou des scénarios, en plus de corriger divers bugs (cf. changelog ci-après).

Pour plus d’informations sur Malaya 1941, voyez cette page sur Steam.

Concernant Wars Across the World, voyez notre test puis cet AAR sur le scénario Normandie 1944 ou encore cet interview de Stéphane Parrinle site officielcette page sur Steam, et la page Facebook du jeu.


Tigers of Malaya

This month’s release takes you end of 1941 in Malaya. You will be able to re-live the epic campaign in the Malay peninsula, which saw Japanese forces led by general Yamashita (the Tiger of Malaya) smash the Allied defenses and in a swift and short campaign conquer the British stronghold of Singapore, the ‘Gibraltar of the East’.

As the Japanese you must take the base or fail…and as the Commonwealth CinC you must play a succesful delaying campaign with British, Malay, Australian, Indian and Dutch forces, and prevent the fall of the crown of the British Empire…and may be change the course of history

Have fun

Engine and Content Update – March 2018

With this month’s release (Malaya 1941) we also added a few engine improvements, as follows:

– (Battle) At the end of a Land or Sea Battle, the defender always loses if its only non-panicked units remaining on board are Air units while the attacker still has Land or Sea units.
– (Board) Added visual effect for situations where a unit stack is destroyed by a card.
– (Board) Unit stack now always have the color of the unit that it is displayed on top of it
– (Dogfight) FIxed message displayed at the end of a dogfight when no unit was hit, the previous one was confusing
– (Entrenchment) The entrenchment level of a stack is now indicated on the stack by repeating the entrechment icon (3 icons for High level, 2 for Medium and 1 for Low)
– (Helicopters) Helicopter units now stay in their current region, unless they are ordered to go back to their base or previous region after their current mission. This order is done using a new button that appears in the Stack Viewer when helicopters are selected. However, helicopters cannot stay in ennemy or sea regions.
– (Leaders) A leader that replaces another one killed in battle now arrives in the structure contained in the capital region, if it exists. Otherwise, it arrives in the region itself.
– (Reinforcements) Reinforcements triggered by cards can no longer be delayed by another card.

*** FIXES ***
– (Aerial back movement) Fixed bug where the game would be stuck in this phase due to helicopters not being able to get back to their base.
– (Aerial Defense Movement) Fixed bug that allowed to drop units in regions were they were not allowed to go during this phase.
– (Battle) Fixed bug where the game was stuck in the battle in some cases where panics had to be inflicted but no opponent could panic.
– (Cards) Fixed bug where a unit destroyed by a card effect would not actually be killed and stay on board (e.g. “Surface to Air Defense” in Mali 2012)
– (Cards) Fixed bug where cards designed to teleport units could not teleport units belonging to opponents of the card’s owner
– (Cards) Fixed bug where cards designed to ignore the effect of the terrain on battle’s stats had no effect
– (Entrenchment) Fixed bug where entrenchment level was not correctly read from scenario data
– (Movement) Moving into a region that contains enemy units located into a not-fortified structure no longer destroys these units. Instead, they automatically move out of the structure to fight if they can.
– (Movement) Fixed bug where units located in a structure and unable to move could be automatically added to battles.
– (Movement – Battle) Fixed bug where hidden units stayed hidden during battle while they don’t have this capacity
– (Options) Fixed AI level option in main Menu and in-game menu : pressing the « Cancel » button would not cancel a modification of this level
– (Siege) Fixed bug where hidden units could besiege a structure (this is not allowed by the game rules)
– (Siege) Fixed terrain effect on sieges surrender value, defender’s morale in battle and combat factor during pursuits
– (Six Days) Fixed bug where Arab planes destroyed by « Focus Operation » card would still be considered destroyed in subsequent Purchase phases.
– (Stack Viewer) Fixed some tooltips for action buttons.

– (Changes) Changed some entrenchment levels to work with new Entrenchment code in Berlin1945, Bulge1944, Normandy1944, Estonia1918, Finland1918, Tannenberg1914, Saratoga1777
– (AI): Allied/UN AI improved in Normandy1944, Korea1950
– (Game Balance): changed VP threshold for score victory in Expanded Scenarios.

Thanks for your continued support, and enjoy


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