Wartile – Hel’s Nightmare : trailer

En bref. On l’avait presque oublié, mais cet original et joli jeu pour ainsi dire de figurines sur un écran a bénéficié il y a plusieurs semaines déjà d’une première extension. DLC qui sort relativement du cadre historique du jeu de base pour ajouter une dimension fantastique, le scénario confrontant le joueur aux cauchemardesques Draugr, des guerriers légendaires déchaînés par des puissances maléfiques dans les régions nordiques servant de cadre à Wartile.

Pour plus d’informations sur Wartile – Hel’s Nightmare, voyez cette page sur Steam. Concernant Wartile , par ailleurs aussi disponible sur Xbox et PS 4, voyez le site officielsa page Facebook, ou cette fiche sur Steam.



Hel’s Nightmare is out now!

Today we set sails to Hel’s Nightmare, the follow up from the Wartile Campaign plunging your war party into a desperate effort to save the North from the darkness of the underworld.

With Hel’s Nightmare, we introduce five unique handcrafted battle boards, taking you on a journey to the tomb of Ogier the Dane, into the dark, twisting caves below Yggdrasil and to Hel’s Pillar where cursed souls of Middle-earth are shaping the bridge to the depth of Niflheim.

Hel’s Nightmare concludes the Viking Saga and is something we are looking forward to sharing with everyone.

Content details
– Five new custom-designed diorama battle boards – Offering variated tactical challenges, all set in a unique mood and style.
– New Viking hero – Unlock Ogier the Dane a strong two-handed wielding warrior.
– Four new Action Cards – Unlock new action cards to spice up your tactical game.
– Eight new Unique Items – Weapons and armor with magical powers tipping the balance of battle.
– Two new Power Tokens – Upgrade your Vikings with the secret powers of the gods.
New Draugr armor set – Gear up as the undead horde from the underworld.

Difficulty Tiers
The reputation tiers at the first battle board Trail of Death are set to 18/24/33 hopefully this will cover the various reputation stages that players might have. All tiers will be unlocked from the start allowing players to choose the reputation tier that fits them best. Jumping to a higher tier will unlock the items from the tiers below it.

Complete Edition
During our release week, we have some great discounts for Wartile and Hel’s Nightmare. Please also check out the new Complete Edition Bundle in the steam store.

Wartile on Consoles
In case you missed it, we released Wartile on Xbox and PS4 the 24th of March a huge milestone and accomplishment for a small studio like ours and it has been well received. You can see more at www.wartile.com

Left is only to say that we hope you will find your way to Hel’s Piller and challenge Hel’s emissary. Midgaard deserves a few peaceful and prosperous years to come.

May Odin watch over you all

Best regards
The Wartile Dev Team


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