Decisive Campaigns – Case Blue : patch 1.08f

En bref. VR Designs vient de sortir une nouvelle mise à jour pour Decisive Campaigns : Case Blue (voir notre test), patch améliorant plusieurs aspects du jeu, dont l’IA qui profite entre autre des améliorations du moteur dans DC 3 Barbarossa.

Pour plus d’informations voyez le changelog ci-après puis cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-ci chez Matrix.

Concernant Decisive Campaigns – Barbarossa voyez cette fiche chez Matrix ainsi que notre Aperçu de Decisive Campaigns : Barbarossa ou encore cet AAR : 1ère partie / 2nde partie. Et dans la même série voyez aussi également notre article Decisive Campaigns – Warsaw to Paris : AAR Case White ou ce test.


Case Blue v1.08f changelist:

-Big update of the core code base of Case Blue fixing loads of minor issues and glitches
-Added future protection to detect PBEM++ game version incompatibilities; however players with version than v1.07 or lower will have a crash trying to load a game saved with 1.08 or higher. Please don’t panic, just update.
-Minimalist Counter option added
-Regime Coloring option for hexes added
-In-game resolution changes added
-Possibility for windowed play added through windows.txt config file
-High Speed graphics option added in prefs tab
-Improved AI calculations and new ‘Hybrid AI’ resulting from DC3:Barbarossa improvements.
-New variant of Case Blue (full) scenario sporting the Hybrid AI -New variant of 2nd Kharkov scenario sporting the Hybrid AI -Soviet airforce will keep having C&C problems throughout the whole scenario in the Case Blue (full) Hybrid AI scenario
-DC:Case Blue owners can now also download and run the Decisive Campaigns : Community Project; go to for more info
-Quite a number of detailed combat calculation glitches fixed due to extensive testing during DC3:Barbarossa


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