Field of Glory – Kingdoms : screenshots et gameplay

Slitherine diffuse quatre nouvelles captures d’écrans pour la future suite, en quelque sorte, de la déclinaison à l’échelle stratégique de la série Field of Glory. Déclinaison que l’on avait vu en 2019 avec un sympathique premier volet sur la période de l’Antiquité, Field of Glory – Empires.

Ce nouveau jeu qui comme cela avait été évoqué il y a longtemps se focalisera sur la période médiévale se veut plus ambitieux et abouti que le précédent, et en conséquence son développement va prendre plus de temps. La sortie initialement envisagée cette année étant désormais prévue on ne sait quand l’an prochain.

Vous trouverez également sur la chaîne Twitch de Slitherine une longue présentation diffusée hier dans laquelle entre autres les nouvelles fonctionnalités du gameplay ont été montrées.

Pour plus d’informations sur Field of Glory: Kingdoms, voyez cette page chez Slitherine et cette fiche sur Steam.

Si vous ne connaissez pas Field of Glory – Empires, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam, puis notre article Field of Glory – Empires : veni, vidi, ludi ! Ou encore ce dossier Field of Glory – Empires : trucs et astuces et ce précédent AAR Les guerres des Gaules dans Field of Glory – Empires (3).



Field of Glory: Kingdoms set to take the crown

New upcoming 4X strategy entry in popular franchise showcased in-depth during medieval community-focused Fields of Glory Day in Milan

Field of Glory: Kingdoms dazzles all with sweeping strategy and glorious kingmaking. The new 4X strategy game in the beloved Fields of Glory series was shown in-depth for the very first time during a celebrative community event, Fields of Glory Day, organized by publisher Slitherine in Milan, Italy. Pushing medieval grand strategy to new historical levels, Field of Glory: Kingdoms is set for a release next year on Steam. 

A new kind of ruler
Taking the crown during Fields of Glory Day was the upcoming Field of Glory: Kingdoms, with the spotlight on previously unseen footage, as well as revealing a host of exciting new features and content. Set in 1054, Fields of Glory: Kingdoms will encompass over two centuries of epic European, African, and Middle Eastern history, letting players build, grow and dominate rule of their realms through diplomacy, trade, or warfare. 

Unveiling the future
Ahead of its launch later this year, the new footage featured several core experiences of  Field of Glory: Kingdoms. These include the new Dynastic system, highlighting a player ruler’s life and behavior, and the intricate system influencing those close to them, including wives, descendants, courtesans, family, and nobles.

Economy and War
The Economic system Field of Glory: Kingdoms was also detailed, showing how players can develop their regional economy by constructing buildings, of which over 400 different types exist in the game. Warfare plays an ever-critical role, detailing how success on the medieval battlefield will shape a player’s kingdom for generations. The forces at a player’s disposal, from armies to generals, depend on highly detailed army lists allowing them to be integrated, including battles, with Fields of Glory II; Medieval. 

Fields of Glory Day
Fields of Glory Day saw, together with the passionate community, the celebration of the popular in-depth strategy franchise made by developer AGEOD and Slitherine. Fans and players alike were treated to a day full of exciting events. A highlight was the in-depth Fields of Glory-related historical discussions, talking about narratives and intricacies of historical strategy titles, organized with the University of Winchester and other leading European academic institutions. 

All things medieval
In-person tournaments, pitting some of the best Fields of Glory II players against each other were organized, as were several tabletop games. To round out the eventful day, a masterclass by popular wargame painter Aurelian Leclerc was also hosted, providing valuable insights into the latest modeling and painting techniques. 

Celebrations continue
The celebrations continue with Fields of Glory II being free from June 5th to June 8th. Download it once from Steam, keep it forever! In a similar vein, games, and expansions in the franchise will see discounts up to 60% on Steam and 70% on Gamesplanet from the 5th to the 12th of June. 


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