Accueil Actus Promo et patch 1.00.08 pour WarPlan

Promo et patch 1.00.08 pour WarPlan


En bref. Sachez que ce jeu ambitieux permettant de simuler avec précision 39-45 à l’échelle stratégique vient de bénéficier d’une importante mise à jour ajoutant un scénario dédié à la Guerre du désert, et corrigeant ou équilibrant divers mécanismes du jeu (voir le changelog ci-après).

Pour plus d’informations sur WarPlan, actuellement en promotion à -50 %, profitez-en, voyez cette page chez l’éditeurcelle-ci chez Kraken studios. Ou désormais aussi celle-ci sur Steam. Ainsi que notre test et cet AAR.



Warplan Update 1.00.08

Hello everyone,

We have just made the latest version of Warplan available. Version 1.00.08 of Warplan is one of the biggest updates yet, bringing new content, fixes and changes for you to enjoy. Game rules were updated to make minor neutral powers align better with the relevant blocks when attacked, AI routines have been improved and various balance changes have been made to allow for more interesting play.

Most important however is the addition of the new North Africa Scenario. In this scenario you can take control of either the British or Axis forces during the Axis push for Egypt. This is a smaller scenario, offering a great way to get some practice and providing its own operational challenges to solve. We would love for you to try it and let us know what you think.

Users of the Matrix version can download the game using the ‘Check for Updates’ button on the launcher, or by downloading the latest patch from the Matrix Games Members area. For Steam users the game will be updated automatically.

version 1.00.8
Change reduced Italian partisans to zero
Change Iraq aligned to the UK instead of the USSR when the Axis declares war on them
Change Cherbourg now has a non-rugged terrain to allow A.I. to take the hex
Fixed trade removal of new merchants used in convoy menu
Added yes no to saving a game
Fixed reset undo after a general is added to the HQ
Fixed neutral countries may now place airfields
Improved minor A.I. routines
Fixed minor fleet bugs previously unnoticed
Scenarios updated
Manual updated
Fixed event scripts $ChangeEntry for Spain, Portugal, Norway, Italy events
Fixed oilers and air transports are the only items that are used by the minor country for the minor country due to their logistics use. Minor country oilers are only used when the fleet is all of that minor country. Otherwise the first major power in the list of a fleet is the country who’s oilers will be used on a fleet resupply.
Changed how minors show support items so it only shows the items its units use
Change to Unity Engine 2019
Updated edit unit stats in editor to only show stats that the unit type uses
Added to options window in game toggle full screen to windowed mode
Removed old intro window to WarPlan
Change fighter bombers advancements gets a boost
Change tank destroyer bonus changed from +2 to +3
Changed broke down all the French corps in North Africa to divisions
Changed the number of units France needs to keep in the colonies to prevent Italy from becoming a full Axis ally. 2 units are required in each colony except Tunisia where 3 units are required
Reduced French colony unit experience to 40% mathing main land units
Fixed invasion/disembark popup messages
Added water road logistics for Leningrad
Reduced main supply sources on map
Each country now has specific main supply sources on the map
Change the Turkish rail above Ankara to road and lowered the port size from 6 to 3 at 192,34
Change Paratroopers now lose 24% of their effectiveness when successfully dropping +8% more per enemy land unit they are next to.
Fixed undo rail move air unit wasn’t returning the rail cost
Added shows game version in multiplayer challenge list (will only affect new challengers next update)
Fixed neutral major powers air units resetting their mode to support every turn the game is loaded
Fixed formatting for strategic bombing damage to make sure it matches occupier’s value
Fixed air transport flying air supply in bad weather
Fixed specialty undo error
Change having scorched earth or being a major power yields partisan units on the map
Change after an invasion units will have 50% of their operation points or 2 operation points, whichever is smaller remaining
Added land and air units can change their advancement at a cost of 10% experience taking the lower of the two advancement levels
Added new resource and flag for limited supply source. This extends map supply levels like a main or port supply while not adding stockpile
Fixed air resupply infinite effectiveness bug
Fixed air unit railing on one operation point bug
Fixed naval units moving into blizzard sea areas
Fixed new researchers, hopefully
Added text line under unit stats in production to show how many are in queue.
Fixed victory points adjusted for major powers still active for time remaining in game
Fixed beach control when out of supply
Fixed raider mode working while in port for naval detection
Added Candian HQ + Guy Simonds general
Removed Canadian wargamers revolt because Canada didn’t have an HQ and Guy Simmonds
Moved Greek HQ to near Athens for a better defense
Removed Yugoslavia event for joining Axis – too easy for Germans to get it 100% of the time
Added North African Campaign scenario 1941-1943
Added color/white text toggle in options for color blind players
Added ability to specific which alliance can use a naval loop
Fixed transport loss bug in naval vs transport combat
Change transports units will not be auto destroyed on a hit. They will take normal damage and triple effectiveless loss
Improved selector and unit interaction to avoid map errors
Fixed A.I. interceptors
Added blockade locations to Gibraltar and Malta – 1 enemy naval group next to the port stops all supply. 1 friendly naval group next to port allows all supplies
Change invading units now take damage for every 10 strength of defenders not every defender.
Fixed search popup
Fixed created countries will now popup units at the same turn they become a country. This mostly applies to Vichy France
Fixed Blue Division text
Fixed Kerch pass so USSR doesn’t get port supply in Rostov if pass is controlled by Axis
Fixed Finland moving into USSR captured territory when neutral
Fixed stack overflow error when A.I. gets stuck trying to build units at low logistics

###North Africa scenario
Fixed typosGave supply trucks to Axis
Fixed manpower and logistics issues with Italians
Moved Russian capital to Urals to prevent Lend Lease problems
Corrected repair cost for all units in all scenarios
Fixed large warship technology in 39-42 scenarios
Fixed Leningrad production due to limited supply sources
Added Ice Road label
Fixed DOW on surrendered nation
Fixed convoys via blizzard sea hexes
Fixed [ and ] now saves the scaler in the options file when you use it on the map
Changed expensive generals now are darker red with an asterisk next to their name for color blind players
Fixed air units not loading when a sub fleet is present
Fixed air ranges display
Fixed supply truck use by minors to use controllers supply trucks
Fixed general improvement text
Change advancement alteration to cost 1 production per strength on land units and air units and 2% experience on air units

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