RV mi novembre pour Unity of Command II – Stalingrad

2×2 Games confirme que le quatrième DLC du sympathique second volet d’Unity of Command sera prochainement disponible. Cette extension proposera une campagne historique de 15 scénarios et une alternative historique de 9 scénarios, explorant ce qui aurait pu hypothétiquement arriver si l’Axe s’était concentré sur le Caucase en 42.

Le jeu bénéficiera aussi de nouvelles unités ainsi que d’une IA a priori améliorée.

Pour plus d’informations sur Unity of Command II – Stalingrad, dont la sortie est attendue pour le 15 novembre prochain, voyez cette page sur Steam, où vous trouverez quelques premières captures d’écrans.

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Stalingrad Campaign DLC will release on the 15th of November

Did you enjoy switching sides to the Red Army in the last DLC Moscow 41?
It is now time to get back to the Wehrmacht as, after staving off the Soviet winter counteroffensive of 1941/42, the Germans reclaim the initiative the following summer.

Concentrating their forces in the south, the Germans once again slice through Soviet lines, aiming for the oilfields of the Caucasus and the industrial city of Stalingrad. But the Red Army has learned much from past failures and prepares to strike back in an overwhelming fashion.

It’s time for the final battle for Stalingrad!

In this DLC, you will command the multinational Army Group South in its bid to deliver a crippling blow to the Soviet war machine, while securing oil for Germany’s ongoing conquests.
Can you reverse the faith of the disastrous Fall Blau campaign?

Key Features of the Stalingrad Campaign DLC

A 15-scenario historical campaign covering the German “Fall Blau” offensive and the Caucasus campaign, through the Soviet counterattack at Stalingrad and on to the Third Battle of Kharkov

A 9-scenario alternative history branch exploring what might have happened had the Axis focused their entire 1942 effort on the Caucasus

New specialists: Soviet T-60 and Lend-Lease M3 tanks, Marder tank destroyers, Sturm pioneers, and more

New unit models for Soviet mechanized troops, T-34/76 tanks, German SS Panzer Grenadiers, Italian motorized infantry, and more

Our toughest AI yet, capable of mounting major offensives that will keep your Romanians, Hungarians, and Italians reeling in shock and awe!

New music from Bruno Babi?, including re-arranged tracks from the original Unity of Command (2011) soundtrack

New Protagonists!

New specialists have been added: Soviet T-60 and Lend-Lease M3 tanks, Marder tank destroyers, Sturm pioneers…but that’s not all! In the picture below you can see the Soviet are across the Don in force and about to smash into the right flank of the Hungarian Second Army and what remains of the Italian 8th.

And a quick couple of examples of the Stalingrad Campaign missions…

Fall Blau Part I

June 1942,

“Fall Blau”, the code name for the German summer offensive of 1942, is divided into several phases.
Phase I consists of a concentrated dash towards the city of Voronezh followed by a southbound hook along the western banks of the Don. The Germans hope that these initial moves will confuse the Soviets while simultaneously setting the stage for phase II.


September 1942,

As 1st Panzer Army reached the Terek river it soon became clear that it did not possess the strength to advance much further – let alone all the way to Baku.
Von Kleist’s veterans were dangerously overstretched as they covered thousands of kilometers of frontline against an equally determined enemy that was only growing in strength, numbers, and experience.
Regardless of these facts and the almost obvious futility of further assaults, Hitler demands that offensive operations continue…


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