Sanctus Reach – Legacy of the Weirdboy : nouveaux screenshots

Slitherine diffuse quatre nouvelles captures d’écrans pour illustrer les quatre principales missions que proposera bientôt cette première extension de Warhammer 40 000 : Sanctus Reach. DLC qui reprendra le contexte du jeu de base mais dont la campagne sera cette fois entièrement consacrée aux Orks. Campagne qui alternera donc entre missions scriptées et combats d’escarmouches.

Il s’agira en effet de diriger les troupes du sinistre Big Redd da Warphead (bras droit du non moins sinistre Grukk Face-Rippa) qui a pour but infâme d’éradiquer les preux Space Wolves réfugiés sur l’île de Dominus. Et par voie de conséquence d’exterminer toute forme de vie impériale sur le monde chevalier d’Alaric Prime, le dernier du secteur de Sanctus Reach à s’être vaillament dressé face à la Waaagh rouge des Orks.

Concernant le futur du jeu, en théorie d’autres extensions sont prévues, probablement sur le thème de la Garde impériale et des armées du Chaos, mais n’ont toujours pas été annoncées.

Pour plus d’informations sur Warhammer 40 000 : Sanctus Reach – Legacy of the Weirdboy, dont la sortie semble prévue vers mi-juin, voyez cette page sur Steam ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur.

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Legacy of the Weirdboy – The new Campaign

Legacy of the Weirdboy will add several new units to the game, and a brand new campaign in which you’ll play as the Orks.

You will command Big Redd da Warphead and his boyz in an effort to crush the Space Wolves on the Isle of Dominus. Big Redd is a vicious weirdboy and he commands the respect of a  large  greenskin host. They will stop at nothing: they will keep attacking, looting, killing and plundering, and most importantly seeking a nice big tough fight. Luckily for them, the Space Wolves intend to provide them with one.

The new missions reflect the Orkish psyche and goals: they will have to loot, plunder, attack in strength and with brutality. We really wanted to make this campaign different and give it a unique orkish flavour. We also wanted to add new and different Victory Conditions so that there would be more variety. Another area in which the game has been improved is unit skills: the Orks have also been given tons of new abilities, which they can gain when they level up throughout the campaign. Each of them is distinctly orkish and screams Gork and Mork!

Today we’ll give you guys a sneak-peek on the new unique missions. They are of course separated by many Skirmish battles helping to showcase Ork strengths and abilities.

Orks Landing marks the beginning of the campaign. It’s an extremely fun and intense scenario. Big Redd’s orks will have to capture the landing zone. When you capture Victory Points you’ll have more troops teleported on your position, while the Space Wolves reinforce the zone with Drop Pods. Both factions will build up in a tense escalation, and what started as a small engagement will end up as a massive battle.

The Lootas is a retrieval mission: the Orks need to gather resources to build a Tellyporta, and will attempt to grab what they can from a scrapyard. They need to go grab Loot from specific parts of the map and bring it back to their Loot pile, and a larger force of Space Wolves will attempt to stop them. This makes for a fun and unique map in which mobility will be vital.

Into the Maelstrom is a seek and destroy mission. The Orks want to take some extremely important promethium Power Cores. The problem is that they are being carried in Rhinos, and escorted by a large force of Space Wolves. Big Redd’s lads need to destroy those rhinos, grab the power cores, and bring them back to their base. They also need to prevent the Space Wolves from delivering them to the extraction point. It’s basically our own version of a Capture the Flag scenario (only, with multiple “flags”). It’s a unique scenario in Sanctus Reach, and the game has never offered anything similar before.

Cutting the Wolf’s Throat is the epic conclusion of the campaign. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but it will be a massive fight, which will decide the fate of the Isle of Dominus. Get ready for the slaughter, it’s going to get messy!

Between the unique scenarios and plenty of skirmish battles you’ll carryover your orks throughout a long campaign which will test your mettle and strategic ability. With new units, new victory conditions, new abilities, new heroes and a lot more dakka, Legacy of the Weirdboy is a must-have for all Sanctus Reach players!


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