Stellaris – Megacorp : détail des nouveautés

Paradox diffuse une présentation vidéo expliquant plus en détail les différentes améliorations qu’apportera la première extension majeure de son très réussi 4X Space opera. Cela en plus d’une nouvelle mise à jour du jeu de base qui arrivera en parallèle. Megacorp vous offrira donc la possibilité de dominer économiquement, si ce n’est l’univers entier, du moins pour commencer une galaxie. Soit un terrain de jeu allant jusqu’à un millier d’étoiles, donc de systèmes solaires exploitables, terrain potentiellement occupé par une trentaine d’empires interstellaires. Voilà avec ce prochain DLC de quoi probablement ravir les amateurs d’empires commerciaux à vraiment très grande échelle.

Pour plus d’informations sur Stellaris : MegaCorp, qui sera disponible le 6 décembre prochain, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur et cette page sur Steam. Voyez aussi éventuellement les récents dev diaries sur le wiki officiel.

Concernant le jeu de base, voyez cette page sur Steam. Ou encore notre article Stellaris, vers l’infini et au-delà !



Prepare for Orientation with MegaCorp’s New Feature Breakdown Trailer
Paradox Presents a Deeper Look at Stellaris’ Newest Corporate-Themed Expansion

STOCKHOLM – Nov. 27, 2018 – Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games that share your core values, has today shared a feature breakdown trailer for MegaCorp, the economy-focused expansion for its sci-fi strategy game, Stellaris. Launching December 6th, MegaCorp has players taking the helm of a powerful corporate empire set on expanding operations across the stars.

Players who are sure they have leadership potential can pre-order today here:

Find everything you need to kickstart your own Megacorporation in the feature breakdown trailer here:

Alongside a host of free updates coming to Stellaris, the new MegaCorp expansion will include:

– Corporate Culture: Chief Executive Officers of a MegaCorp can conduct business on a galaxy-wide scale with a host of new civics. By building Branch Offices on planets within empires they have trade agreements with, the MegaCorp can add a portion of the planet’s Trade Value to their own network. Using the new Corporate Authority government type, construct an economic powerhouse and dominate galactic trade – for a brighter future.
– City World: With Ecumenopolis, players can increase the population density of core worlds to truly epic proportions, eventually creating a planet-spanning megacity.
– Caravaneer Fleets: Keep an eye out for the Caravaneers, nomadic interstellar wheelers-and-dealers who stay aloof from galactic politics, and always have a bargain up their sleeve. Expect surprises when these master traders wander through your space or when you visit their home systems.
– More Megastructures: Budget has been approved for your own glorious Matter Decompressor, Mega-Art Installation or Strategic Coordination Center to acquire new scaling capabilities for your megalopolis.
– Galactic Slave Market: Buy and sell labor on an industrial scale, set them free or keep them as livestock. The choice is yours!
– VIP Status Comes with its Perks: Keep your economy competitive in a cutthroat galaxy with additional Ascension perks.

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