The Heat is On, premier DLC pour Turmoil

Reparlons brièvement de Turmoil, petit jeu sur le thème original des barons du pétrole pour mentionner la sortie il y a plusieurs semaines déjà d’une première extension offrant une nouvelle campagne et surtout des mécanismes supplémentaires pour forer encore plus, afin de pouvoir par exemple mieux exploiter le gaz naturel, mais aussi aller jusqu’à trouver et utiliser du magma. Oui, de la lave en fusion dont l’intérêt conjugué au gaz et au pétrole est une des surprises de ce DLC, qui semble-t-il globalement offrira surtout un défi un peu plus chaud à gérer.

Pour plus d’informations sur Turmoil, régulièrement mis à jour par les développeurs, voyez notre test puis cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-ci chez Gamious. Concernant The Heat is On voyez cette fiche sur Steam.



Update #41 – The Heat Is On!

DLC Day has arrived!

The new expansion pack: “The Heat Is On” is now live! Additionally, the Turmoil base game received some juicy updates and the option for character modding!

The update contains the following:

New campaign, featuring:

– New characters to play. Greenhorns Isabelle and Kai join the oil business and could use your knowledge of pumping and drilling.
– A new village is being built in this area and its mayor wants you in on the spoils. Meet Maeve, Jack and Philip who will help you make the most of your land ownership.
– Three new areas to explore containing magma, a new way to control the oil and gas supplies in a level. Unlock its full potential by buying Jack’s upgrades in the village.
– A completely overhauled stock auction replacing the Dutch Auction of the original campaign. – Overbid your opponents with outlandish piles of cash, or let them fight it out between each other while you bide your time.
– Anthony has started a treasure collection in the Underground. Dig up the treasures found in the land and he will help you out. Missed a spot? Buy the missing parts of your collection on the Treasures Marketplace.
– The professionals are back in the tough as nails expert version of The Heat Is On. Don’t even think about saving up money, you will be glad if you beat them by an inch!

New in-game features (Spoilers! Hover for details)

– Connecting your pipes to magma will heat up your pipe network (requires Heat Conductivity upgrade, available in area 1).
– Heated pipes have increased oil flow depending on their heat level.
– Dig up treasures for Anthony’s collection using moles. (requires Treasures upgrade, available in area 1)
– Heating up a joint connected to a gas well will grow the gas well until it hits another well or magma (requires Gas Growth upgrade, available in area 2).
– Heating up a joint connected to an oil well will convert the oil to gas (requires Oil Conversion upgrade, available in area 3).
– Strike an exclusivity deal with either Left or Right Inc. for a small cash boost.

And some more

– 9 new achievements. Can you beat them all?
– An all new soundtrack by Jan Jaap Doeven including three in-game songs, and a special track for the stock auction. Featuring the Return of the Son of the Dowser.
– The last area of the DLC campaign, Vulcanic Lands, is available as a single game level. This area includes magma and the Left/Right deals.
– A new main menu background.

Changelog for version 2.0.4

You can now add dialog and images for your own characters. Find out how in this guide:

Send your creations to and we will share the best in a news post!


The player now has a brighter golden portrait making it easier to distinguish your character at any time.
The end of game statistics have been improved with a new look to better fit the game.
All character portraits have been updated with shading.
Updated the credits screen with a new look.

Quality of life

Your campaign will now be saved when going back to the main menu, after a land auction and after a stock auction.
When playing the Weekly Challenge you get a small introduction about the area that you are playing in.
You can now buy village upgrades using enter.
Closing a Mayor’s Tip no longer directly exits to the village, instead it brings you back to the overview.
You can now close joints before they have finished building, to make it easier to plan ahead and not spill any gas. Re-opening a joint before it is finished will refund the costs.
Upgrades bought by rivals are now more clearly displayed.
Improved tooltip contrast in the land auction and upgrades scroll.
The village shops will now display a “sold out” text when there are no more upgrades to be bought, including future unlocks.
Several localization improvements.


Decreased the minimum and increased the maximum amount of possible oil, gas and rock for the Weekly Challenge.


Fixed that sound and visual effects were not properly played when selling gas.
Fixed that the game would crash if noone made a bid in the stock auction because the AI was out of money.

Happy drilling! And stay tuned, we’ll soon be back with news about a new challenge game mode!