Afghanistan ’11 passe en version 1.12


Bonne nouvelle. Après plusieurs semaines de bêta-test, la nouvelle mise à jour 1.12 de ce wargame original est enfin sortie de la phase d’essais. Intitulé MOAB update, abréviation de Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, soit en vf Bombe à effet de souffle d’artillerie lourde, mais aussi appelé par les intimes Mother Of All Bombs, Mère de toutes les bombes, ce patch ajoute plusieurs fonctionnalités utiles au jeu.

La première étant un système de convois qui diminuera la part de microgestion nécessaire pour ravitailler ses bases. Puis donc la fameuse bombe de type MOAB, arme de destruction mais surtout en fait de communication massive utilisée périodiquement par l’armée américaine pour donc neutraliser ici les rebelles réfugiés dans des réseaux de cavernes en montagne.

Viennent ensuite diverses améliorations du gameplay, relatives par exemple à l’expérience ou au ravitaillement des unités (voir le changelog ci-après).

Pour plus d’informations sur Afghanistan ’11 voyez cette fiche chez Slitherine ou sur celle-ci sur Steam ainsi que notre test. A lire également notre article Afghanistan ’11 : AAR Battle of Lashkar Gah, première et seconde partie. Ou encore la traduction de cet interview.


Afghanistan ’11 – The MOAB update is out!

Afghanistan ’11 is getting an update with many new exciting features, and it’s completely FREE!

Before we talk about it, though, we want to announce that Afghanistan ’11 is now 34% off on our site, so if you still don’t have it and you are interested (of course you are, why else would you be here otherwise?) go grab it RIGHT NOW! The discount will last for a week.

But let’s get back to the update and talk about it!

The first and probably most important new feature is the MOAB!

The MOAB is a very interesting weapon: it costs a lot in terms of PP and HM but if used correctly it can be a huge asset. It disables the Taliban and Militia caves and kills enemy units in the bomb radius. High risk – High reward!

The second new feature helps your logistics: it carries your troops and vehicles around the map in a safer and more efficient way!

With Convoys you will be able to link up to 6 vehicles and move them together around the map while having the possibility to move each of these vehicles away from the convoy whenever you want.
Are you mad because enemy mines blow up your “Buffalo” every single time you move it out of the base? Are you sick of having to move each one of your 24 vehicles? This one is for you!

There are also many more features that will help to enhance your in-game experience, so let’s take a rapid look at them:

You can now drop Emergency UN Aid on villages
Explosions adjacent or on villages reduces HM
Helicopters can now rank up and have higher chance of surviving RPG fire
Added exit ambush stance to Infantry
Added hotkeys for Load (L) and Unload (U) actions
NATO icon colours changes after handover
Intel from villages now appear at less predictable intervals
There is no handover penalty if PP is negative
Repatriating units while PP is negative returns more PP
Added rappelling animation to SF unloading from helicopters in mountains
Units low on rations or fuel now warn the player before ending the turn
Units low on rations will leave ambush, observation point or sentry
Next / Previous unit buttons will work relative to the last unit selected

You can download the MOAB Update from the Members’ Area.

And that about wraps it up for today we hope you enjoy this new update just as much as we did!
There are many more updates to come, so stay tuned and keep playing Afghanistan ’11!.

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