Field of Glory – Empires passe en v1.04

Ce très réussi jeu qui est parvenu à marier le gameplay de Field of Glory avec celui des wargames d’Ageod vient de bénéficier d’une importante mise à jour, patch 1.04 qui corrige et améliore de nombreuses choses, les principales étant une refonte des bâtiments militaires, de la cavalerie (selon le type de terrain), l’ajout d’un ordre Expédition de représailles, pour par exemple attaquer des barbares dans une région voisine sans pour autant conquérir la région, ou encore l’IA navale, par exemple.

Voyez le détail du changelog ci-après et ce récent aperçu chez l’éditeur pour plus de précisions sur les apports de cette mise à jour. Le fichier se télécharge directement en suivant ce lien.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam, puis notre article Field of Glory – Empires : veni, vidi, ludi ! Ou encore ce dossier Field of Glory – Empires : trucs et astuces et ce précédent AAR Les guerres des Gaules dans Field of Glory – Empires (3).



Field of Glory: Empires Triumph Update is out

Field of Glory: Empires “Triumph” Update is out. Version 1.04 brings tons and tons of improvements and additions, the most important (as previewed last week) are:

– Military Buildings overhaul (see the dedicated paragraph)
– Cavalry overhaul: in some terrains part of the battlefield is for cavalry only
– An army with a leader can attack with a ‘Retaliate Expedition’ order that will make them not conquer the region (and still fight the enemy)

But other game features have been looked into, such as an Administrative Burden increased for developed nations has been added, now there is a naval interdiction link in Mesembria, Imperial Roman Legion decision won’t be given before being an Empire, and many more.

Check out the full changelog below


Version 1.0.4 Patchnotes

GAMEPLAY (improvements and fixes)

Very important
– Military Buildings overhaul (see below dedicated paragraph)
– Cavalry overhaul: in some terrains part of the battlefield is for cavalry only
– An army with a leader can attack with a ‘Retaliate Expedition’ order that will make them not conquer the region (and still fight the enemy)

– Abandoning a region now costs legacy, no aging (tied to population amount)
– Administrative Burden increased for developed nations (approx +10% to +30% increase depending of context). See also new manpower and metal cap from the Military Buildings overhaul.
– Sudden Death Victory (winning instantly by having the proper legacy ratio) needs now 100 turns before being evaluated, not 50. New quick game option!
– Objectives can be given dynamically too
– Regions have 4 steps in culture generating Legacy
– Distance to center split in 4 categories for better deployment in battles (e.g. HI in wood is not dead center, mountainmen are more central in mountains, etc.)
– Regions with a small initial population will have hard time grows past a certain level.
– Conversion rate reduced by one fifth
– Foreign citizens generate one third less manpower
– Free Unit Upkeep is now limited to 20 money, 5 metal and 5 manpower per unit
– Inflation cost in money is now factored partially in upkeep

– Archers get a specific deployment priority in battles (after militia if the front must be filled, but before if in the rear)
– Fix to moving capitals
– Minimum garrison defending an independent region down from 6 to 3
– A client-state will stop ongoing wars not also involving his protector
– If in money deficit, only half of it removed per turn, with a minimum 100 money of debts removed
– Fix to a loyalty bug for national citizens – slightly easier now
– If you have too many of the +5% global commerce structures, you risk losing money
– Fix to regional harbor used for transportation not always the best one
– Mercenary decision won’t pick slaves as a valid mercenary army
– Absorbing a nation provides no legacy from it.
– Health cap (of 65%) not applied to events tests (Pop boom, plagues and epidemics)
– If possible, a new unit will appear within a city wall, not outside
– Armies that can’t retreat are always destroyed
– A besieged region can still build a structure (with penalty). Prevent unwanted reset of important buildings under construction.
– Famine in regions thrice as hard as before (regarding population loss)
– Rulers in decadent nations degrade their health faster (from ‘unhealthy life style’)
– Tyranny modifier bug fixed
– Slave decimation further upped in case of revolts (1 per 3 units raised)
– Fix to abandon region not working if another nation had an army
– New option (MP compliant): Quick game. Win with a 2 to 1 ratio in Legacy (not 3 to 1)
– Slaves will never be put in commerce or culture (governor AI)

Military buildings overhaul
– Military Expertise modifier appears if you have not enough or a lot of military buildings in your nation (comparison is made using sum of buildings tiers versus regions amount)
– Max Metal and Manpower have a cap partly based on Military Expertise
– In a province, each military building providing XP will give half its amount to capital region, within a limit of 25 XP and 2 extra levels.
– Rebate in building cost also given (at a 50%) from buildings in all regions of a province.
– Autogarrisons get bonus XP from the sum of military buildings tiers, either in their region or the full province (Stronger garrisons with proper structures).

– AI has much more chances to propose peace if without any region
– AI is slightly more interested in building high tier structures
– Rome as AI in higher diff gets some free legion camps
– In higher difficulty, AI more prone to war against legacy leader
– More sensible DOW evaluation for AI – also now factors relative economic advantage
– AI will build more ships
– AI will never build ships in lakes
– AI fleets will intercept more
– AI fleets will escort more
– AI boarded units will be much more prudent
– AI will have Increased interest to unblockade harbor
– Province AI builds more structures
– Structure valuation refined (more high tier buildings, handle better specifics functions)
– AI Ally can give back previously owned region
– AI vassal can be fully absorbed if having a last surrounded region
– AI can reply or propose peace even without region

– Lalandia and Seladia regions names reversed
– Judea Barrack can recruit HI
– Provincial units from Gaetulia, Mauritania (occ. and or.) and Numidia are now Light Cav with extra perks
– Farm and flax field slightly changprovince.ia objectives spaced more (too bunched, leading to easy progress)
– Light infantry from various ethnicities get the Agile modifier (+1 attack in wood or hill)
– Heavy Infantries cost +1 metal in upkeep
– Added naval interdiction link in Mesembria
– Druid Covenants tweaked (weaker standard version, stronger specialized version)
– Imperial Roman Legion decision won’t be given before being an Empire
– Owning the Archimedes Workshop provides (permanently) a new type of unit (which acquires a new ability at elite level)
– Balkanic Mercenary Infantry is now the Dacian Falxman (hit harder but not protected against ranged fire)
– Hierasia provincial unit is now the ‘Bastarnae Warrior’ and is a Dacian Falxman (dmg+ prot-) with Mountainman.
– Tisiae provincial unit is now the ‘Iazygian Lancer’, a cataphract with extra speed and flanking.
– Dacia inferior provincial unit is now the ‘Rhoxolani Cavalry’, no change in stats (extra attack and effectiveness compared to regular Hvy Cav)
– Sparta starts with Hoplite Infantry and get access to Phalanx Infantry in Civilization Level III (Kleomenes III reform)
– These two units gain the Besieger trait. Phalanx loses extra hit though.
– Silver Shields are closer in profile to the Hellene Phalanx but better.
– Roman Archers (Sagittarii) are now added with the Imperial Legion reform
– Fixed: Tar Deposit could never be built (added to Tanis initially)
– Large quarry bonus resources now give an extra 2 money each
– Military Store upkeep down to 2
– Granary does not require a farm anymore, but will be proposed rarely except if you have grain nearby
– Tarentum (Greater Greece) now have a land army

– Right hand modifications precision level is an option (5 possible choices)
– Correct tooltip feedback when can’t build an unit in a province
– Close nation panel and select region when selecting an objective.
– Show count of stacked modifiers on nation panel.
– Next and Prev Idle Region buttons.
– Attempt to more clearly show that structure bonus income is included in the income
– More detailed provincial loyalty tooltip. More attention to revolt risk.
– Added Trade Income and Accumen to Ledger.
– Changed faction trade income to be net.
– Added anti-aliasing option to options UI

– Various engine speed up
– Experimental extended font support.
– Several Multiplayers fixes
– Display a different message when potentially responsible for a PBEM data mismatch, and give an opportunity to exit and fix the issue without playing a turn.
– Fixed error playing a custom scenario in PBEM

Saved game compatibility
– This patch is mostly compatible with ongoing games, with a few things to know and understand:
(1) Because objectives can now be given dynamically, they will be all reset when you start your turn (without token losses!). They will then be added progressively each turn, often with variations compared to your previous allocation.
(2) Because there is now a new rule slowing down regions which were underpopulated historically, you might see a large slowdown in growth in your most populated regions.
(3) The option ‘no dynamic burden’, which was never used (from our internal poll) has been replaced by the ‘quick game’ option. If you were playing with ‘no admin burden’, then you are now playing a quick game. But chances you were not …

  1. This game with the tactical “field of glory II” to perform important battles is one of the most marvelous game réalisation of all times. Don’t miss it.

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