Surviving Mars : rendez-vous mi mai pour Green Planet

En bref. Paradox vient de confirmer que l’on pourra commencer à terraformer et donc verdir la planète rouge à partir du 16 mai prochain avec donc la seconde extension majeure de ce joli et original city-builder. DLC qui offrira des possibilités a priori très poussées pour donner vie à ce rêve très ambitieux de l’humanité, qui comme on le voit dans ces récentes vidéos permettra dans le jeu un changement radical des conditions désertiques inhospitalières de la quatrième planète de notre système solaire.

Concrètement cet add-on proposera sept bâtiments spéciaux, la gestion d’une nouvelle ressource (la végétation), des catastrophues climatiques type pluies acides pour varier des pluies de météorites, une visualisation du résultat à l’échelle de la carte où l’on cosntruit, mais aussi une visualisation à l’échelle planétaire, avec a priori un très joli rendu graphique.

A noter qu’un Content pack intitulé Project Laika sortira en parallèle de cette extension, ajoutant lui des animaux (vaches, poules, cochons, chiens, chats, lapins, lamas, pingouins, … ou même des ornithorynques), des fermes et des pâturages.

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Paradox Interactive Announces May 16 Launch Date for Surviving Mars: Green Planet — Pre-Orders Now Available
Project Laika content pack will launch alongside Green Planet, bringing animals to the Red Planet

STOCKHOLM – April 24, 2019 – Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games today announced Surviving Mars: Green Planet will launch on May 16 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation® 4. Launching alongside the Green Planet expansion is the Project Laika content pack, which will bring livestock and pets to Mars. Pre-orders for Green Planet and Project Laika are now available for $19.99 and $5.99 respectively, along with the Green Planet Plus bundle that includes both the Green Planet expansion Project Laika pack for $23.90.

Players can pre-order Surviving Mars: Green Planet and Project Laika on the Paradox Store here.

Surviving Mars: Green Planet introduces Terraforming Parameters to the survival management game, which add new layers of strategic depth. Players can build new structures, complete special projects, and seed vegetation across the surface of Mars to terraform the hostile planet and build a second home for humanity. Once Mars is capable of supporting human life, players can open the domes and let their colonists breathe the fresh Martian air.

Humans aren’t the only species trying to live on Mars! The Project Laika content pack adds a variety of pets and livestock that will benefit colonies and improve life on the Red Planet. Players can breed livestock to increase food production while pets explore their new home. Keep an eye on what colonists consider pets, though, some of their companions may be a surprise.

Surviving Mars: Green Planet features include:

– Terraforming: Terraform Mars and make the hostile planet habitable for humanity. Each decision you make while managing your colony can affect the Terraforming Parameters, which includes Atmosphere, Temperature, Water, and Vegetation, and ideally brings them closer to habitable levels. Monitor your progress on a planetary scale with the Planetary Overview UI. Once you’ve made the atmosphere breathable, open the domes and let your colonists breathe Martian air!

– Green Mars: Seed the surface of Mars with various lichen, grass, shrubs, or trees and watch as they begin to turn the Red Planet green. Low maintenance plants like Lichen can improve the soil quality to help more complex plants grow while Trees produce high seed yields for your colony to harvest. Be sure to monitor your soil quality levels to keep your plants healthy and growing.

– Special Projects: Take on seven challenging Special Projects like melting the polar caps, capturing ice asteroids, launching a space mirror, and more to begin shifting the Terraforming Parameters. Be careful, these projects will have a lasting impact on the planet and will trigger natural disasters!

– 7 New Terraforming Buildings: Construct seven new buildings that can help you terraform the planet or capitalize on the changes. Use the GHG factory to release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, the Forestation Plant to boost vegetation production, the Water Pump to fill a man-made lake bed, and more.

– Climate Calamities: Terraforming a planet can have unexpected consequences. If you release too many greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere you can trigger acid rain which reduces soil quality, or if an asteroid slams into the planet it will cause a Marsquake that can disrupt your colony’s production.

Project Laika content pack includes:

– Animal Farm: Breed up to eight different farm animals in the Martian Pastures including Cows, Chickens, Pigs, and more. Farm animals can be raised for food in the new In-Dome Ranches or Outside Ranches, depending on their size, and consume more water than crops.

– Martian’s Best Friend: Animal Pack features 25 different pets, ranging from your usual suspects like cats, dogs, and rabbits to some unexpected critters like llamas, penguins, platypuses. Once you terraform the planet enough, pets will go outside to explore nearby bushes and trees.


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