Trailer pour Order of Battle – Red Steel

En bref. Le second volet de la trilogie de DLC sur le thème de l’Armée rouge dans Order of Battle vient d’arriver. Add-on proposant une quinzaine de scénarios se déroulant entre 1942 et 1943, scénarios dont un doit normalement être jouable gratuitement, avec la version gratuite du jeu de base qui permet d’essayer ainsi tous les DLC.

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The Motherland calls! Order of Battle: Red Steel is out!

Set between January 1942 and April 1943, Order of Battle: Red Steel covers the battles of the Soviet Union at the most crucial moment of World War II, and it is out now on PC and Mac.

After slowing down Operation Barbarossa, the Red Army has launched a series of counter-offensives during the winter. Losses in terms of men and materials are horrendous on both sides. German high command has a new, ambitious plan to renew its offensive in the coming spring. Can the Red Army stop the Wehrmacht and save the Motherland?

Red Steel is Order of Battle’s second DLC, focusing on the German invasion of Russia. After the initial German success seen in the Red Star DLC, it’s now time for the counterattack.

You can now purchase OT-34 flame tanks, T-70 light and KV-1 m1942 heavy tanks, improved 45mm 1942 AT guns, and the new ZiS-3 field gun which can also be used in an AT role. In the air, you’ll need the improved models of aircraft like Yak-9D and La-5F fighters, or Il-2M or Pe-2FT tactical bombers to keep up with the Luftwaffe.

But the enemy is also fielding brand new equipment: the Germans have new and improved Panzer 38 G, Panzer IV G, and Bf-110 G vehicles. Their Romanian allies now deploy R-2 tanks and IAR-80 fighters, whilst the Hungarians are using a derivative of the Italian Reggiane 2000 fighter under the name MAVAG Heya, plus more equipment from Germany.

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