Unity of Command II : début de la bêta

En bref. 2×2 Games vient d’annoncer hier le prochain début d’une phase bêta privée pour le futur prometteur second volet de Unity of Command. Dont la sortie approche donc à grand pas et qui devrait probablement s’avérer une des très bonnes surprises vidéoludiques de la fin de l’année, promettant un gameplay approfondi à la fois simple et subtil. Et, cerise sur le panzer ou le Sherman, c’est selon, de nouveaux graphismes très soignés.

Au passage voici aussi une longue utile vidéo, récente rediffusion d’une présentation du jeu faite lors du Tokyo Game Show il y a quelques semaines.

Pour plus d’informations sur Unity of Command 2, dont la sortie devrait avoir lieu cet automne, si tout va bien, voyez les notes de développement sur le blog officiel ainsi que cette page sur Steam. Les inscriptions à la bêta se font par ici.

Si vous ne connaissez pas le jeu, quoique celui-ci aille nettement évoluer avec cette suite, voyez nos articles : Unity of Command – Black Turn : A Moscou pour Noël … , Unity of Command Red Turn : Pobieda ! Pour la patrie et Staline ! et Unity of Command : Fall Blau 1942, et pour quelques barils de plus …



Developer Diary 24 – Beta Test Announced

We’re starting the beta test for UoC II in ten days or so. If you don’t mind spoilers and have a high tolerance for bugs, please apply and help us make it an awesome wargame.

The beta application is open to everybody. We will ask a few questions, and invite a select group of testers based on the replies. Don’t be sad if you’re not invited – the application form is there to weed out the obvious trolls, and apart from that we mostly pick people at random.

How to Apply

The test will run from Oct 21. Before applying, please consider whether you have enough free time during the first week of the test. You’ll be needing several hours to familiarize yourself with the game, and then provide feedback and comment. We need all of this (including feedback) to happen during the first week of the test, otherwise it’s of limited usefulness to the project.

Some technical notes about the beta: we will be testing a Steam version of the game, on Windows. Mac and non-Steam versions are planned, but not being tested right now.

If you plan on testing multiplayer, note that only hotseat will work in this version. Again, online multiplayer is planned, but not being tested this time. The scenario editor is included.

If you still think this is something you want to do, please throw your name in the hat here: bit.ly/UoC2Beta

We look forward to seeing you in the beta forum!

In Other News

I haven’t posted anything on this blog since July. I guess that’s how you know we’re really working then. ??

Occasionally we’ve been live-streaming from our Steam page, and if you want to catch yourself up on that, check out this YouTube replay.

Our Steam community posts are worth a read for the little teasers and reveals. Here we show the cards system, with an Opel Blitz pretending to be a GMC. In this other one, we tease out how the in-game upgrades work.

If you’re spoiler averse, or you have a mac, or you just don’t have time to help these people with their game… anyway, you get the point, you don’t have to be in the beta, the game is releasing in November which should be soon enough.

We’re in the home stretch now, thanks for your support and for following these diaries. The next one will have the word release somewhere in the title. Life is good.