Crusader Kings 2 – The Reaper’s Due : trailer

Paradox diffuse une courte bande-annonce pour confirmer qu’une nouvelle extension de Crusader Kings II est bien en cours de développement. Intitulé The Reaper’s Due, ce DLC se focalisera sur le thème des épidémies, particulièrement celle de la tristement fameuse Peste noire qui décima un tiers de la population en Europe au Moyen-âge.

A noter aussi dans le forum officiel un récent dev diary abordant quelques unes des améliorations du prochain patch 2.6 : DD#13: Pagans, advisors, and warrior women (en vf par ici chez Mundus Bellicus).

Pour plus d’informations cette future dixième extension majeure, dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur. Concernant Crusaders King 2 , voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site A lire également en complément nos tests des DLC Conclave, Horse Lords, Charlemagne, The Legacy of Rome, The Republic, Sword of Islam, The Old Gods , Sons of Abraham, Rajas of India ou encore Way of Life. Ainsi que celui de Crusader Kings 2.


Paradox Asks You To Bring Out Your Dead

“The Reaper’s Due” Expansion Announced for CK2; Gamebook Available Now

STOCKHOLM – 21 July 2016 – Little remains of those settlements where the Black Death has passed through. Hasty burials make a mockery of the sacraments and set a feast for the crows. Once prosperous provinces have been laid waste, and the lord of the land hides away – secluded in his hilltop fortress, hoping the plague will pass him by. Wiser princes took precautions, and didn’t waste the revenues from more prosperous years.

But, in time, all must pay The Reaper’s Due.

The Reaper’s Due is the newest expansion for Crusader Kings II, the best-selling medieval strategy simulator from Paradox Development Studio. This expansion highlights the historic importance of epidemics and disease in the Middle Ages, especially the Black Death – an outbreak of the bubonic plague that may have killed a third of the population of Europe

The Reaper’s Due introduces many new systems and features to what is already the richest medieval tapestry in gaming:

  • Epidemics Boosted: As diseases may spread from province to province along trade and sea lanes, they lower your manpower and sap your wealth
  • Hospitals and Royal Physicians: Prevent the outbreak of disease in your kingdom, and make sure your courtiers have access to the latest in Dark Ages Medical Science
  • Prosperity and Royal Focus: Well managed provinces in peaceful kingdoms will pay huge dividends in gold and levies
  • Seclusion: Shield yourself from the diseases tearing your kingdom apart, even if it means ignoring the plight of your people
  • New Event Chains: Is the new epidemic the End of Days? Is there someone else to blame for these horrors? Are there supernatural origins or solutions to the world’s problems?

To help you pass the time until release, Paradox is happy to announce the release of a Crusader Kings II gamebook. Crusader Kings: Chronicles is a mobile interactive adventure from M. Harold Page set in the tumult of the Black Death as it ravages England. Read more about the game book here.


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